For more information, check out these videos from OSU's 2013 symposium on Digital Humanities:


New Digital Tools for the Humanities... New Questions? New Practices?


The Online Digital Newton Project


Google Books, the n-gram, and Culturomics

Digital Humanities, like Public History, can include many sorts of projects at many different kinds of institutions, including projects like curating online collections and data mining. Digital Humanities incorporates both digitized and born-digital materials and combines methodologies from humanities disciplines including history, philosophy, linguistics, literature, art, archaeology, music, cultural studies, and social sciences with tools such as data visualization, information retrieval, data mining, statistics, text mining, and digital publishing.


The OSU Valley Library often has projects that fall within the bounds of Digital Humanities. A recent project digitized and made available for transcription over 3,000 letters to the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists from the Special Collections and Archives Research Center. 


The Valley Library also has an extensive LibGuide for digital humanities located here.


You can also contact OSU's Digital Humanities Librarian for more information on current DH projects.


Internships to work on DH projects qualify for HST 410/510 credits and should be arranged through the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion.