These resources are for students interested in learning about public history, finding an internship, pursuing graduate studies, and finding a job. The job listings are a great place to learn about the qualifications and experience necessary to work in public history fields. The list is always growing, so check back often!

Local Institutions (Benton, Linn, Polk)

Special Collections & Archives Research Center (OSU)

Benton County Historical Society and Museum (Philomath)

Albany Regional Museum

Independence Heritage Museum

Linn County Historical Museum (Brownsville)

Elsewhere in Oregon

Oregon Historical Society (Portland)

Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center (Portland)

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education (Portland)

Architectural Heritage Center (Portland)

Restore Oregon (Portland)

Willamette Heritage Center (Salem)

High Desert Museum (Bend)

The Museum at Warm Springs (Central Oregon)

Tamstslikt Cultural Institute (Pendleton)

Umpqua Valley Museums (Douglas County)

State-level Institutions & Agencies

State of Oregon Archives

State of Oregon Historic Preservation Office 

Oregon Heritage Program, Oregon Parks and Recreation

Forest History Center, Oregon Department of Forestry

National Park Service Internships

Historical Preservation Internship

Cultural Resources Diversity Internship

Heritage Sites Documentation Internships

Maritime Documentation Internships

Other National Internship Opportunities

National History Center Internships

General Information & Job Resources

National Council on Public History Job Listings

American Historical Association: Careers in Public History

Public History Commons

Global Museum

Center for History & New Media

History News Network (not specifically PH-oriented, but a good resource for considering the role of history in public life)

Historical Research Associates, Inc. (historical research and cultural resource management consulting company)

Graduate Programs

Portland State University Public History Program (MA)

University of Oregon Historic Preservation Program (MA)

Washington State University Public History Track 
(MA, PhD)
Colorado State University Public History Plan (MA)
New Mexico State University Public History Program (MA)

Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, Public History Program (MA)

University of Delaware Winterthur Program in
American Material Culture

University of Kentucky Graduate Specialization in Digital History (MA, PhD)

Roger Williams University (RI) Historic Preservation (MA)

The National Council on Public History maintains an extensive listing of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Public History and related fields in the U.S. and Canada.