What is Philosophy Club?

Philosophy Club is a place where people get together to discuss issues ranging from inner space to outer space. Philosophy Club provides a forum for the free expression of thought and speech. We think that providing this forum is important because as Socrates said, "the unexamined life is not worth living."

The topics discussed in meetings depend on the interests of club members. Discussion topics vary from the metaphysical to the pragmatic.

Often times movies contain philosophical themes and we’ve shown films and discussed them over pizza.

We’ve invited guest speakers specializing in topics of interest to club members to guide round-table discussion events. 

Past discussion topics include:

  • Ethics and Morality: What is right? What is wrong? Is there a difference or are these concepts relative?
  • Existence and Reality: What is the nature of the universe? Who am I? What do I mean when I use the word "I"?
  • Philosophy and Education: What is a ‘real’ education? What can I do with a philosophy major or minor? Is it worth my time? (yes!)
  • Science and Society: Can science ever be objective? What do we mean by objectivity? How is science influenced by society?
  • Contemporary Issues: Vaccination Exemptions, Disability Access, Gender Classification… just about every current event has a philosophical angle that needs examination and clarification.
Check us out on Facebook: Oregon State University Philosophy Club For updates on meeting times.

There will often be food! Please drop by!

Sometimes we’ll post articles or videos relevant to the week’s topic on our Facebook Group page (Oregon State University Philosophy Club – if you’re a member of the OSU community feel free to visit here and ask to join.)   We also have an open Facebook organization version of the page - also called Oregon State University Philosophy Club – please visit and like us!  

Members are encouraged, but not required, to read or watch these prior to the week’s meeting.  Outside of meetings we welcome participation within the Facebook group, and encourage you to engage with your fellow philosophers. We are also always looking for opportunities to put our philosophical revelations to good use by organizing events on campus or providing information which will help to improve the OSU community.

Philosophy Club is a Sponsored Student Organization of Oregon State University, hosted within the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion. Click here to sign up as a member of the Philosophy Club.