Welcome to Public History at Oregon State University. This is your resource for finding internships, graduate programs, and professional opportunities in a wide range of careers. Our goal is to help you put your History education to work.
The National Council on Public History describes public history broadly:
"Public historians come in all shapes and sizes. They call themselves historical consultants, museum professionals, government historians, archivists, oral historians, cultural resource managers, curators, film and media producers, historical interpreters, historic preservationists, policy advisers, local historians, and community activists, among many many other job descriptions. All share an interest and commitment to making history relevant and useful in the public sphere."
Public history can include work in:
  • museums and historical societies, 
  • archives and libraries, 
  • government agencies, 
  • interpretive sites (including state & national parks), 
  • local and regional heritage organizations, 
  • digital humanities projects, 
  • historic preservation firms and agencies, 
  • and corporate history and archives.
If you are interested in pursuing a career in public history, you can start by signing up for an internship.