The program has some fixed costs, and others that are less determinate. Overall, students should expect the entire program to cost them eight to ten thousand dollars, largely depending on how much they spend on eating out and souvenirs. This is actually less than a term and a half worth of (tuition, housing and so on) for in state students at OSU in Corvallis. Further, the College of Liberal Arts has agreed to give all participating students a $500 scholarship, and a similar scholarship is available to religious studies majors and minors.

Fixed Fees

RYI Program Fee

Housing Costs



OSU Fees 350
Insurance 240
Indeterminate Costs  
Airfare 1200-1800
Passport and Visa 200
Books and Supplies 250
Meals and Daily Expenses 1000-2500
CLA Scholarship -500
REL Scholarship (REL Majors / Minors)