Students are required to take several courses, and others are strongly encouraged.  If students take a full slate of four courses, they will receive 22.5 OSU credits.  That said, this is an academically rigorous program, and some students may elect to only take three courses.

TSTD 101: Buddhist Philosophy and Hermeneutics
This course, taught by a traditionally trained Khenpo (the Tibetan equivalent of a western PhD) meets five times a week and moves slowly and thoroughly through a single Buddhist philosophical text.  It is the heart of the educational experience at RYI, and the closest most of us will ever get to a traditional Tibetan monastic education. 9 OSU credits
BSTD 205: Anthropological Study of Nepalese Religion
An investigation of the rich religious traditions of Nepal, with emphasis on the Kathmandu Valley. The course begins with an overview of Hinduism, with its diversity of symbols, beliefs and practices. The course identifies unifying elements, especially those relevant to Buddhism. The second part of the course focuses on Buddhism in Nepal, especially the unique form practiced by Newars, the indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley, and the sole remnant of Sanskrit-based South Asian Mahāyāna Buddhism. 4.5 OSU credits

Supplemental Buddhist history and philosophy courses.
Each year RYI offers a selection of Buddhist history and philosophy courses, and OSU students are encouraged to select one of these.  The specific course chosen will depend on the individual student’s background, experience, and interests. 4.5 OSU credits
Language Courses
Students have the option of studying either Nepali, Tibetan, or Sanskrit.  For most students, the best choice is Nepali, though those who have a strong interest in Tibetan Buddhism may wish to take Tibetan.  The language that students select will also determine whether they live with a Tibetan or Nepali family.  Sanskrit is also available, but only makes sense for those considering a career in Buddhist philosophy! 4.5 OSU credits.

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