The program is set in Boudha, the bustling heart of Tibetan life in Kathmandu.  You will be surrounded by Tibetans living their daily lives, performing religious ceremonies, chatting with their friends, or simply hanging out.  Merely experiencing Boudha is one of the most exciting experiences available to participants.

Sometimes we all need things, whether necessities or simply comforts.  Fortunately, Boudha has plenty of clothing stores, electronic shops, and even supermarkets.  For food, there are plenty of excellent restaurants, as well as coffee shops, tea houses, and other options.

Students on this program will live in homestays, with either Nepali or Tibetan families.  These homestays include both living space and the opportunity to eat with your family.  For many, this is one of the most enriching and rewarding aspects of the program, allowing you to create lasting relationships and truly see how these families and communities live.  That said, if a particular homestay environment doesn’t work for you, it is an easy matter to change households.  Most diets (vegetarian, vegan, or other restrictions) can be accommodated easily!

Health is always a concern on programs such as this one.  While Kathmandu is undoubtedly a polluted city, RYI has decades of experience helping students stay healthy, as well as medical professionals on staff.  With proper hygiene and a modicum of care, you can expect to stay healthy and happy during the program.

For more information or to apply, contact Dr. Geoff Barstow at