ANTH 438/538: Archaeology Field School, June 22-July 31

Instructors: Dr. Loren Davis and Dr. Neal Endacott

The 2020 OSU Archaeology Field School is going virtual!  Become part of a new adventure in remote learning as we explore concepts and methods of archaeological excavation through a range of experiential activities.

This year’s archaeology field school course is being delivered in a remote access format. This course is intended to provide OSU Anthropology majors with an opportunity to satisfy their program requirements. This course is also open to non-OSU majors who are welcome to join our virtual expedition.  Because this course will not involve any face to face interaction, and the mode of teaching and learning will occur remotely, it is not expected that this class will provide an experience that is equivalent to working on a hands-on archaeology field school project.  To be clear, we will not be excavating an actual archaeological site as a part of this course; however, we will be excavating simulated archaeological deposits that will teach many of the same important concepts and lessons that we learn in the field.  We will also learn many of the core concepts that a student learns on a traditional field school through alternative means, including:

  • map reading and landform interpretation
  • site mapping techniques
  • site formation processes and records
  • controlled excavation and recovery of artifacts in context under a range of situations
  • note taking and observation
  • excavation level documentation
  • stratigraphic description
  • basic laboratory curation
  • constructing an artifact catalog
  • data management
  • descriptive statistics
  • artifact description and photography
  • report writing

Students can earn undergraduate credits (12) by enrolling in ANTH 438 (Section 001, CRN 75025) or graduate level credits (9) by enrolling in ANTH 538 (Section 001, CRN 75026). This course has no prerequisites and all OSU and non-OSU students are able to apply.

Visit the OSU Archaeology Field School webpage at or contact Dr. Loren Davis at for additional information.