The Anthropology Program offers a graduate minor in either Anthropology or Applied Anthropology. There is no difference between the two curricula. Interested students are typically encouraged to choose the Applied Anthropology minor, since our graduate degrees (Masters and PhD) are in Applied Anthropology. Students interested in either minor should first seek out an Anthropology graduate faculty member to serve as a minor professor on their committee, and ask for their advice on which minor to choose, and which courses to take. Core graduate courses in Applied Anthropology cover cultural anthropological theory, research design, and statistical applications.  Specialization courses are associated with one of three anthropological subfields: archaeology, biocultural anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Students seeking a minor are allowed to take courses in the core and in one or more areas of specialization, depending on their interests.



15 Credits for Masters; 18 Credits for Ph.D.

The following courses are core and specialization courses in our graduate program.  You can choose from these courses and others, with Minor Professor approval.

  • ANTH 575: Theory of Culture (4 credits)
  • ANTH 593: Statistical Applications in Anthropology (4 credits)
  • ANTH 595: Anthropological Research Design (4 credits)
  • ANTH 585: Uses of Anthropology (4 credits)
  • ANTH 591: Ethnographic Methods (4 credits)
  • ANTH 583: Advanced Medical Anthropology (4 credits)
  • ANTH 576: Advanced Anthropological Theory (4 credits)
  • ANTH 531: Archaeological Theory (4 credits)
  • ANTH 535: Cultural Resources: Policy and Procedures (4 credits)
  • ANTH 543: Human Osteology (4 credits)