Loren Chavarria-Bechtel (Instructor Spanish for Heritage Speakers) and Daniel López-Cevallos took students from ES416/516 Migrant Health class and Loren’s Spanish for Heritage Speakers program, to PCUN, Capaces Leadership Institute and Radio Movimiento on Friday May 25th, 2018. Students learned from Jaime Arredondo (Executive Director, Capaces Leadership Institute), Reyna Lopez (Executive Director, PCUN) and Martha Sonato (Deputy Director, Acción Política Pcunista) about the important work that each of these organizations do on behalf of farmworker and Latinx immigrant families. We toured the facilities and canvassed farmworker homes in the vicinity, promoting an upcoming workshop on pesticide safety, on behalf of PCUN. In addition, two groups of Spanish-speaking students were interviewed for the Lazos Universitarios OSU program at Radio Movimiento.