Ethnic Studies majors and minors are served by two distinct, but important advising paths (Ethnic Studies-specific advising and College of Liberal Arts advising). 

All majors will be assigned an advisor from within the Ethnic Studies faculty.  Faculty advisors review student progress and plans within the major including required courses, elective courses, career plans, and internship expectations. 

We require that majors see their faculty advisor at least once a year to obtain their Registration PIN.  Students may see their advisors during posted office hours or by requesting an appointment.  Minors may also be assigned an Ethnic Studies advisor, if they so desire.

For questions, or to establish a faculty advisor, please contact the Ethnic Studies office at:

Ethnic Studies
252 Waldo Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-8594
Phone:  541-737-0709 

Leonora Rianda
Office Coordinator

Ethnic Studies students should also schedule regular adivising meetings with the College of Liberal Arts advisors in order to check progress on Bacc Core requirements, new course opportunities, elective courses, credit loads, progress towards graduation, and general course of study planning.