The Food in Culture and Social Justice program at Oregon State University offers both an Undergraduate Certificate as well as a Graduate Minor.

FCSJ Learning Outcomes

1. Develop and apply critical thinking and critical writing competencies about food, culture and social justice.
2. Describe food systems in multiple perspectives including time, place, culture, and scale.
3. Analyze how socially constructed differences, combined with unequal distribution of power across economic, social, and political institutions, result in discrimination in the food system.
4. Critically evaluate the role of food in the construction of identity (gender, ethnicity, religious, etc.)
5. Discuss the importance of historical competence as it pertains to changing ideas about food and the historical trajectory of certain foods
6. Demonstrate skills of observation and analysis of food using mixed methods
7. Through study and engagement with community projects and policy, articulate a vision of equity in the food system and steps to achieve this.

Enrolling in the FCSJ Undergraduate Certificate

Students wishing to undertake an Undergraduate Certificate in Food in Culture and Social Justice (FCSJ) should schedule a meeting with the FCSJ Coordinator.  During this meeting, the student and Coordinator will review the requirements of the certificate, make a plan for completing the necessary coursework, and brainstorm possibilities for the experiential learning course.  After this meeting, the student will fill out the Undergraduate Certificate Declaration Form and take it to the College of Liberal Arts Advising Office for the College Head Advisor's Signature.

Declaring the FCSJ Graduate Minor

Graduate students wishing to declare the Food in Culture and Social Justice (FCSJ) minor should indicate this on their Program of Study. - program

In order to have the FCSJ graduate minor on a program of study, the student must have a minor professor who will sign the Program of Study and who has been approved as graduate faculty for the FCSJ minor. The minor professor will be the one to determine whether or not the courses on the program of study meet the requirements for the minor. Contact the FCSJ Coordinator for more information.