Meet some of our current graduate students!


Fernanda Canchola

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Fernanda is interested in the connection between underrepresented student populations and food security. She’d like to explore different ways to achieve food sovereignty. 


Michael Ketsdever

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

“I am interested in FCSJ because of its interdisciplinarity that lends it well to incorporate different disciplines and perspectives in the classes we take. I am personally interested in food security and the State governance of food. I also love food and cooking itself, and this has made my drive for equity stronger.”


Melissa Parks

Applied Anthropology Doctoral Program

Melissa is interested in U.S. food systems, particularly local and regional food systems in Oregon, and their intersections with environmental issues. She has previously conducted research on farmers' environmental values and the adoption of dry farming in Oregon. She is currently working on her dissertation research focusing on small farmers and the ways they are adapting to climate change. 


Matt Williams (Oglala Lakota)

Master of Arts in Intersiciplinary Studies

Matt’s interests are in health disparities in tribal communities, indigenous foods and decolonizing diets to address health disparities, traditional activities related to physical activity and health.


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