Sediment and soil samples collected in Geoprobe 7822DT direct push core tubes are examined at 1 cm intervals. Measurements of sediment/soil color are made with a Munsell Soil Color Chart. Sample texture is determined with a hand texturing technique made in combination with direct electrical conductivity measurements (conducted with a Decagon GS3 sensor). Magnetic susceptibility readings are taken with a Bartington MS3 sensor (using a pass through probe or field probe applied to core). Elemental geochemistry of cored sample is measured via Innov-X Delta portable x-ray fluorescence in Soil Mode. Digital photographs of core samples are assembled into a photo mosaic.

Fee includes setup, initial preparation of core, collection of descriptive data (listed above) and detailed core log report including all raw data. Detailed core log report includes the results of all analyses assembled into a single report that communicates the stratigraphic attributes of cored sediments and soils. Fee does not include interpretation or correlation of stratigraphic sequences.

Cost: $100.00 per hour, four hour minimum