Queer Studies participates in the MAIS Program as a Secondary and Tertiary Area. Secondary Area: Students must complete a total of 12 credits. Tertiary Area: Students must complete a total of 9 credits. These courses are selected from the following two sections. Please note students whose primary area is WGSS must select courses that are in addition to the WGSS requirements. This means that these courses cannot “double-count.”

Required Coursework

All students must complete the following course: QS/WGSS 562. Queer Theories (4 credits)

Sexuality, Gender, Race, & Nation (3-6 credits)

QS/WGSS/ES 531. Queer of Color Critiques

QS/WGSS/ES 577. Queer & Trans People of Color Arts & Activism

QS/WGSS/ES 572. Indigenous Two-Spirit & Queer Studies

QS/WGSS/ES 576. Transnational Sexualities

Gender Politics (3-6 credits)

WGSS 514: Systems of Oppression in Women's Lives

QS/WGSS 524. Trans/gender Politics

QS/WGSS 571. Transgender Lives

WGSS 560. Women and Sexuality

WGSS 585. Transnational Feminisms


Learning Outcomes