The Women, Gender, and Sexuality major and minor are both completely available through E-Campus at Oregon State University. Students can join others around the state, nation, and world in online discussions and projects.

In recent years, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies online students have participated from Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, France, Germany, and Japan. Online instructors are outstaComputer Screennding campus and community scholars who teach students in this unique learning environment. Many Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies online courses meet university Baccalaureate Core requirements. All can be applied to a liberal studies major, a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major, or a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor.  

The Queer Studies minor is now on line and can be added to a WGSS major or minor.  

Current Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies courses currently being offered online are listed below.

In addition to all the required courses being offered at least once every year, we offer a variety of electives each term, some of which are exclusively taught online. A few courses are offered each summer term in 4 and 10-week options.  Additional online courses are in development. 

WGSS Major Requirements:

WGSS 223. *Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (3)
QS/WGSS 262. *Introduction to Queer Studies (3)
WGSS 319. *Feminist Decolonizing Methodologies: Social Justice Research (3)
WGSS 410. Internship (3)
WGSS 414. *Systems of Oppression: Strategies for Resistance (4)
WGSS 416. Theories of Feminism (4)
WGSS 480. *Gender and Transnational Activisms (3)
WGSS 498. Feminist Practice (4)

WGSS Electives:

  • WGSS 230 Women in the Movies
  • WGSS 235 Global Women in the Movies
  • WGSS 240 Gender and Sport
  • WGSS 280  Women Worldwide
  • WGSS 320 Gender in Technology
  • WGSS 325  Disney: Gender, Race, Empire
  • WGSS 340 Gender and Science
  • WGSS/QS 364 Transgender Politics
  • WGSS 380 Muslim Women
  • WGSS/QS 431 Queer of Color Critiques
  • WGSS 440 Women and Natural Resources
  • WGSS/QS 462  Queer Theories
  • WGSS 465 Women, Weight, and Body Image
  • WGSS 466 Fat Studies
  • WGSS/QS 472 Indigenous Two-Spirit and Queer Studies
  • WGSS/QS 477 Queer/Trans People of Color Arts and Activism
  • WGSS 490 Self-Esteem and Personal Power
  • WGSS 525 Gender & Technology


Please contact the WGSS Online Advisor if you have questions about adding the major or minor or would like more information.


Kryn  Freehling-Burton

Senior Instructor, E-Campus Coordinator and Advisor

Waldo 268