The International Degree is Oregon State University’s unique double-degree program. It allows any interested undergraduate student the opportunity to explore the international dimensions of any primary major. International Degree students demonstrate intermediate proficiency in a second language, knowledge in international affairs and global issues, international and/or domestic intercultural experience, and ability to conduct research through a thesis or capstone project.

As an International Degree student, you will earn two degrees. The first degree (the primary degree) will be your chosen major in any department on campus. The International Degree (or concurrent degree) will be in International Studies in your primary degree department.

The World Languages and Cultures program also offers a Global Learning Certificate for students who are interested in exploring the international dimensions of their primary major on a shorter timeline and with a bit more flexibility. 

Undergraduate Core Curriculum

Undergraduate International Studies Degree (BA, HBA) 

Bachelor of Arts with a major in International Studies (double degree) 

Undergraduate Global Learning Certificate

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Communicate skillfully and interact competently across cultures, engaging with and successfully participating in diverse cultural and linguistic contexts.

  2. Acquire and apply knowledge of global cultures, economies, political systems, and international relations as they relate to their primary field of study, analyzing and synthesizing information from multiple sources across disciplines.

  3. Demonstrate active awareness of their own identity as it relates to others – including people outside the political borders of the United States, as well as ethnic minorities and peoples of Indigenous, African, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Latino ancestry living within the United States – in a context framed by issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. 

  4. Demonstrate commitment to global and social and apply their knowledge and abilities to solve global problems in ethical and humane ways.