Print Media Technologies Program (A non-minor program)

The HdM Print Media Technologies Program is the first and only international undergraduate program in engineering, which is dedicated to media, and taught only in English. It is designed for students from across the world. The Print Media Technologies Program combines creativity, science, technology, intercultural studies, corporate management and languages. To learn more about the program content, and to see course outlines, please visit the HdM website.

To see how the Print Media Technologies Program can fit into the DCA major, please consult the table below:

NMC Articulations: Print Media Technologies
HdM Course DCA/NMC Equivalency Production
Physics for Engineers Upper-Division; Intermediate NMC No
Materials Sciences Upper-Division; Intermediate NMC No
Pre-media Technologies & Colour Upper-Division; Intermediate NMC Yes
Exercises in Pre-media Upper-Division; Intermediate NMC Yes
Traineeship in Printing Upper-Division; Advanced NMC Yes

Please note:

  • Only courses applicable to the NMC department are listed above
  • A maximum of 5 HdM courses are allowed to count in the DCA major or NMC minor