Speech Communication

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communication. This degree examines both theoretical and practical aspects of human communication. To complete the degree, students start by taking basic courses in public speaking, argumentation, and interpersonal communication. Upper division coursework focuses on two main areas in the Communication discipline: rhetoric and relational communication. At this level, topics include rhetorical and communication theory, methods of criticism and social science research, and elective choices in several areas such as health, organizational, or intercultural communication, or visual or political rhetoric. 

B.A. in Speech Communication - Degree Plan

B.S. in Speech Communication - Degree Plan

Speech Communication Suggested Courses for Career Tracks

Students can also earn a Communication minor

There are two active student organizations in Communication. Comm majors can participate and join in Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's honor society. Students from across the university can also join and compete on the OSU Forensics Team in individual events and debate.

Student Learning Outcomes for Communication Majors:

Demonstrate understanding and the value of communication competence in public speaking, argumentation and critical discourse, and interpersonal communication as they pertain to personal and professional activities and contexts.

Articulate relevant theory and research in the contexts of their practical applications.

Recognize the social, cultural, and historical significance of rhetoric and other communication phenomena.

Be prepared to pursue further professional or academic endeavors in one’s selected communication discipline.