Doing Library Research; University Library; University of California, Santa Cruz.
You can find good information on this site about how best to use the library during the design and construction of your paper.

Modern Language Association (MLA).
This site is the only MLA site on the Internet authorized by MLA. It provides some information and examples of documentation for electronic sites. It also answers questions about MLA style in general. It does not provide documentation or citation examples of standard resources (such as books or hard-print journals).

A Student's Guide to Research with the WWW; Saint Louis University, Missouri.
For experienced writers and also for writers with little experience writing formal research papers, this site explains how to search the Web for research in rhetoric and composition. Instructions also are useful students unfamiliar with doing Web searches.

Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format (Updated to 5th Edition); Online Writing Lab; Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
This site is a page of links that may help you generally in writing the research paper and more specifically writing the paper in APA style.

Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format; Online Writing Lab, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
This site emanates from Purdue University; it provides instruction about MLA styles. It also includes some information about how to write Web citations.