Why Should I Get a Minor in Communication?

You can do anything with a minor in communication.

Through our communication courses, you’ll learn crucial skills employers value, like communication competence, cultural competency, collaboration/negotiation, and skillfully presenting ideas to both small and large audiences.

Whether you’re passionate about the arts, humanities, forestry, health, engineering or science, your ability to competently communicate well with others in a variety of workplace contexts.

What Do I Need to Get a Minor in Communication?

COMM 111: Public Speaking

Develop skills in researching and organizing ideas and how to tailor those ideas to specific audiences. Through practical experience you’ll become more comfortable speaking in public.

COMM 114: Argument and Critical Discourse

Develop critical thinking and informed decision-making skills to present effective arguments and to respond to others’ arguments.

COMM 218: Interpersonal Communication

Gain an understanding of how we relate to one another. You’ll learn how relationships are built and maintained and gain strategies in managing conflict in relationships.

COMM 320: Introduction to Rhetorical Theory OR COMM 321: Introduction to Communication Theory

COMM 320: Learn about the power and uses of persuasion in private and public life. By exploring a range of rhetorical theories, you’ll come to appreciate the importance of persuasion in your everyday life.

COMM 321: Gain frameworks to analyze any type of interpersonal relationship with this introduction to diverse foundational theories in relational communication.

Five Elective Courses (at least 1 course must be a 400-level course)

Some popular elective options: 
COMM 326 Intercultural Communication
COMM 332 Family Communication
COMM 368 Propaganda and Social Control
COMM 388 Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships
COMM 432 Gender and Communication
COMM 437 Health Communication
COMM 440 Theories of Conflict and Conflict Management
COMM 466 Ethics of Rhetoric
COMM 472 The Rhetoric of Popular Culture

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