• Fri, Mar 15; 12:00 noon BEXL 414
    Economics students will bring a potluck to share with our Economics faculty.
  • Tue, Mar 5; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Prof Paul Thompson is guest speaker at ECON Club. He will be presenting his research on 4-day school weeks.
  • Tue, Feb 26; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week, ECON Club will have board elections. We will also be watching a video from an OSU Econ major currently doing an internship in Washington DC.
  • Tue, Feb 19; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be hosting a student from the OSU Government Relations Office on Tuesday, and talking a bit about the opportunities of economics in public service and policy work. We might even have a special message from an OSU student who is currently interning in Washington DC!
  • Tue, Feb 12; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts guest speaker Dr. Mallory Rahe from Applied Economics Department. Mallory serves Oregon as a community economist, with her work focused on rural areas. Discussion will be about economic opportunities and challenges facing rural Oregon. For a sneak peek, check out this short documentary.
  • Tue, Feb 5; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will talk about the tragedy of the commons and carbon tax, with a couple of relevant examples. Here is a statement released by Nobel Economists, among others, about carbon taxes.
  • Tue, Jan 29; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will continue it's discussion on the economics of discrimination.
  • Tue, Jan 22; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    We'll be talking about the economics of discrimination. Check out these articles ahead of time if you have a chance!
            Upward mobility gender/race disparities
            Long-term Economic barriers to mobility
  • Tue, Jan 15; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Health care will be the Week 2 conversation topic for ECON Club. Here are a few articles from the american Economic Association looking at different aspects of the health care industry:
            Hospitals operating like businesses
            Informing physicians on the costs of medication, impacts on prescriptions
            Health insurance impact on finances
  • Tue, Jan 8; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club starts Winter term looking at economic forecasts for 2019. Club will also be brainstorming discussion topics for the upcoming term.

FALL 2018

  • Tue, Nov 27; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    The last ECON Club meeting of Fall Term will be a "game night [afternoon]". This is an end-of-term celebration with a snack potluck.
  • Tue, Nov 20; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will have a discussion on the economics of the music industry. There are a lot of interesting opportunities and new challenges facing artists and producers today. Here are some sources on the subject: Economist article, Wall Street Journal video, Economist video.
  • Tue, Nov 13; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will have a grad school panel featuring Profs Liz Schroeder and Paul Thompson. They will share their experiences in graduate school for economics. Bring questions you have about the experience and the process.
  • Tue, Nov 6; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Our next thrilling meeting will be on election day! We will have an international theme, since International Education Week is coming up in November. A representative from the Office of Global Opportunities will share for a bit about international study/internship opportunities at OSU. We will also hear from international and domestic students about study abroad experiences.
  • Tue, Oct 30; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week ECON Club will talk about elections - current polls, peoples' voting decisions, voter turnout and rainy days, mdia bias influence, womein in politics.
  • Tue, Oct 23; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts Sociology Professor Brett Burkhardt for a discussion on privatized prisons.
  • Tue, Oct 16; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week ECON Club discusses technology and the implications on efficiency, jobs and education.
  • Tue, Oct 9; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts Karal Rockhold, the College of Liberal Arts liaison for Career Developement Center. Karla will be speaking specifically to career opportunities for economics majors.
  • Tue, Oct 2; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club continues discussion on plastic waste.
  • Tue, Sept 25; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club first meeting of Fall term with conversation centering on Fall meeting topics. We will begin discussion on plastic waste, with a video by The Economist Magazine.


  • Wed, June 6; 7:00 pm, BEXL 328
    ECON Club hosts a movie night. We will be viewing Living on One Dollar, which analyzes a micro-loan system in Guatemala.
  • Fri, June 1; 12:00 pm, BEXL 414
    School of Public Policy Brown Bag Series
    Economics Prof Paul Thompson speaking on "School District Financial Health Information and Electoral Accountability: Evidence from Ohio School Board Elections".
  • Wed, May 30; 10:00 am, BEXL 326
    In the spirit of the recent royal wedding, ECON Club will be discussing the viability of the British monarchy and the economic implications of such a system in England.
  • Wed, May 23; 10:00 am, BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be having an economics career workshop. Karla Rockhold from Career Develompent Center will be leading discussion about resumes, LinkedIn, and other resources for finding jobs and internships.
  • Wed, May 16; 11:00 am, BEXL 414
    This week ECON Club will be watching a webinar on cap-and-trade.
  • Fri, May 11; 1:00 pm, BEXL 414
    Omicron Delta Epsilon meeting for conversation on economics topics.
  • Wed, May 9; 10:00 am, BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be discussing the possibilities of blockchain (known for its use with bitcoin) in terms of helping save the rainforests.
  • Wed, May 2, 11:00 am, BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be watching a webinar on the "Economic Impact of Transmission Projects"; webinar starts promptly at 11am. We will also be voting on a movie for our movie night.
  • Wed, Apr 25, 10:00 am, BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be playing an ECON GAME this week. The game presents ideas about the Coase Theorem, which we will discuss afterwards.
  • Fri, Apr 20
    ECON Club and ODE worked with Career Development Center to organize this field trip to businesses in the Willamette Valley. Registration required for attendance as space is limited. This is free, transportation and food will be provided.
  • Wed, Apr 18; 10:00 am, BEXL 414
    The discussion topic this week in ECON Club will be on Trade. We will discuss recent disruptions including tariffs (and potential trade war) with China and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  • Tue, Apr 17, 11:00 am, BEXL 326
    OMICRON DELTA EPSILON (ODE) will have their first meeting of Spring term.
  • Wed, Apr 11; 10:00 am, BEXL 326
    ECON Club's first meeting for Spring term.

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