• Fri, Mar 15; 12:00 noon BEXL 414
    Economics students will bring a potluck to share with our Economics faculty.
  • Tue, Mar 5; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Prof Paul Thompson is guest speaker at ECON Club. He will be presenting his research on 4-day school weeks.
  • Tue, Feb 26; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week, ECON Club will have board elections. We will also be watching a video from an OSU Econ major currently doing an internship in Washington DC.
  • Tue, Feb 19; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be hosting a student from the OSU Government Relations Office on Tuesday, and talking a bit about the opportunities of economics in public service and policy work. We might even have a special message from an OSU student who is currently interning in Washington DC!
  • Tue, Feb 12; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts guest speaker Dr. Mallory Rahe from Applied Economics Department. Mallory serves Oregon as a community economist, with her work focused on rural areas. Discussion will be about economic opportunities and challenges facing rural Oregon. For a sneak peek, check out this short documentary.
  • Tue, Feb 5; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will talk about the tragedy of the commons and carbon tax, with a couple of relevant examples. Here is a statement released by Nobel Economists, among others, about carbon taxes.
  • Tue, Jan 29; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will continue it's discussion on the economics of discrimination.
  • Tue, Jan 22; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    We'll be talking about the economics of discrimination. Check out these articles ahead of time if you have a chance!
            Upward mobility gender/race disparities
            Long-term Economic barriers to mobility
  • Tue, Jan 15; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Health care will be the Week 2 conversation topic for ECON Club. Here are a few articles from the american Economic Association looking at different aspects of the health care industry:
            Hospitals operating like businesses
            Informing physicians on the costs of medication, impacts on prescriptions
            Health insurance impact on finances
  • Tue, Jan 8; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club starts Winter term looking at economic forecasts for 2019. Club will also be brainstorming discussion topics for the upcoming term.

FALL 2018

  • Tue, Nov 27; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    The last ECON Club meeting of Fall Term will be a "game night [afternoon]". This is an end-of-term celebration with a snack potluck.
  • Tue, Nov 20; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will have a discussion on the economics of the music industry. There are a lot of interesting opportunities and new challenges facing artists and producers today. Here are some sources on the subject: Economist article, Wall Street Journal video, Economist video.
  • Tue, Nov 13; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will have a grad school panel featuring Profs Liz Schroeder and Paul Thompson. They will share their experiences in graduate school for economics. Bring questions you have about the experience and the process.
  • Tue, Nov 6; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Our next thrilling meeting will be on election day! We will have an international theme, since International Education Week is coming up in November. A representative from the Office of Global Opportunities will share for a bit about international study/internship opportunities at OSU. We will also hear from international and domestic students about study abroad experiences.
  • Tue, Oct 30; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week ECON Club will talk about elections - current polls, peoples' voting decisions, voter turnout and rainy days, mdia bias influence, womein in politics.
  • Tue, Oct 23; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts Sociology Professor Brett Burkhardt for a discussion on privatized prisons.
  • Tue, Oct 16; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week ECON Club discusses technology and the implications on efficiency, jobs and education.
  • Tue, Oct 9; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts Karal Rockhold, the College of Liberal Arts liaison for Career Developement Center. Karla will be speaking specifically to career opportunities for economics majors.
  • Tue, Oct 2; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club continues discussion on plastic waste.
  • Tue, Sept 25; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club first meeting of Fall term with conversation centering on Fall meeting topics. We will begin discussion on plastic waste, with a video by The Economist Magazine.

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