• Tue, Jun 1, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    We’ve reached the final meeting party of the term! We’re going to be talking about random econonmics topics and sending off our seniors. Feel free to bring memes.
  • Tue, May 25, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    I saw an ad on Craigslist: "Radio, $1, volume stuck on high." I thought, "I can't turn that down...”  In our week 9 meeting, we will be discussing the economics of casual sales! Clothes, sneakers, mattresses... drugs?
  • Tue, May 18, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    ECON Club will be discussing land use regulation and how it impacts urban growth and social issues.
  • Tue, May 11, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    Is it time to put the ole Supply and Demand to rest? Turn it upside down? Make it into a doughnut? This week, we will be discussing doughnut economics, the circular economy, and all things sustainability.
  • Tue, May 4, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    May the fourth be with you! This coming Tuesday we will be talking about space economics. What are the implications of commercializing the final frontier? How will existing industries be affected, and what do we anticipate to arise? Check out some of the resources we've found for the week. We will be inducting new members to Omicron Delta Epsilon - International Honor Society for Economics at the beginning of our meeting before jumping into the discussion.
  • Tue, Apr 27, 5:30 pm
    Economics has paired with Career Development Center to bring you an Economics Virtual Networking Event. Free for Oregon State students; registration in Handshake.
  • Tue, Apr 20, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    What’s an Olympic diver’s favorite economic concept? Sunk Costs. This week we will be discussing the economics of pro sports! Do teams benefit their local economies? How has COVID-19 changed their markets? And, importantly, why do women’s sports not get the attention they deserve?
    Tue, Apr 13, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This week we will be discussing vaccine economics! That includes some discussion around the economics of development and their eventual impact on global and national economies. We will also briefly be discussing the status of our club classification. We would like to hear the opinions of our members when finalizing the club constitution! 
  • Tue, Apr 6, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    How many supply chain planners does it take to change a light bulb? None, the light bulbs are late. We will be discussing global shipping and the Suez Canal obstruction.
  • Tue, Mar 30, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    For Week 1, we will be doing introductions, discussing our love (and/or hate) of economics, and preparing for the rest of the term. If possible, please arrive with a paperclip in hand.


  • Tue, Mar 9, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This meeting we will be spending the first half the meeting electing new officers for the Spring term. The second half of our meeting we will be going through some economics videos and other resources that are amusing.
  • Tue, Mar 2, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    ECON Club discusses the economics of privatization! What effect does privatization have on markets? What are the social implications of the privatization of natural resources? Does privatization inhibit or catalyze growth and development?
  • Tue, Feb 23, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This meeting we are going to be talking about the philosophy of economics and ethical economics. What is the theory of rationality and should it always be used? Is economics a science that is meaningful to helping society? How can economics be unethical, how so? We are also going to have a brief initiation ceremony for the Fall new Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) members at the start of the meeting. More information about ODE can be found here.
  • Tue, Feb 16, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This week we’ll discuss financial economic concepts. Hopefully this will offer a bit more context for when friends and family ask you for investing advice!
  • Tue, Feb 9, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    ECON Club conversation is going to help you prepare for your Valentine’s Day. We are going to apply economic models to the holiday by looking at dating and marriage. Are we really rational in our choices? Could game theory be a good means to navigate arguments? 
  • Tue, Feb 2, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This week we’ll discuss healthcare and the role it plays in economics. We know that healthcare is a form of human capital investment, but to what extent? Is it the most important form of investment, or should policy focus on education? What are the economics of medicine? What role will the COVID-19 vaccine play on our economy? What is the cost of healthcare burnout? 
  • Tue, Jan 26, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    We are excited to discuss postgraduate life! We'll hear from OSU Alumni on their experience using economics in the post-undergrad world. We'll discuss the process of applying to grad schools, as well as how the study of economics has and will positively influence professional endeavors.
  • Tue, Jan 19, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This week we’ll discuss the economics of war. Is conflict rational? What are the economic costs of warfare, and how are they accounted for in decision-making? How has economic theory been applied to international affairs?
  • Tue, Jan 12, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This week we’ll discuss the economics of urban and rural development. What exactly does the future look like for these communities? What effect does proximity to urban areas have on ideology, and thus, economic policy advocacy? What is the reality of rural versus urban economies? 
  • Tue, Jan 5, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    ECON Club will outline the term and gather topics of interest for discussion throughout the term. Conversation will also include recruiting for club and how to introduce the club to new members.

FALL 2020

  • Tue, Dec 1, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    Join us this Tuesday for our termly social event. It’s a [remote] potluck--feel free to bring your dinner! Please bring econ-related memes, strange econ theories, or ridiculous/entertaining journal articles to share as well. We look forward to seeing you!
  • Tue, Nov 24, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    Hopefully you’ve reached your economies of scale & are able to add ECON Club to your schedule. This week we’ll look at the economics of the holiday season: How does the industry impact our overall economy? How does Black Friday affect the economy? Is eggnog really meant to be consumed a few months of the year, or is there demand all year round?
  • Tue, Nov 17, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    We're very excited to interview an economist this week. Come prepared with questions and prompts.
  • Tue, Nov 10, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    This week ECON Club capitalizes on their economic background to discuss human capital.
  • Tue, Nov 3, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    Looking for an equilibrium between theory and reality: this week ECON Club, will discuss the economics of politics. Why do people get voted out of office? How do people decide if they should vote or not? 
  • Tue, Oct 27, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    Hopefully we're on your time budget constraint, because this week we are hosting Karla Rockhold from career advising as well as some recruiters from various companies to give us a pitch about their companies.
  • Tue, Oct 20, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    Hopefully you’ve realized the positive externalities of Econ Club, because this week we’re talking about the environment and economics. A huge issue that we face in modern day is climate change. How can economics further the damage? How can it be used to help steer our decisions to a more sustainable future? We will discuss a carbon tax, externalities of pollution, and what the US is doing.
  • Tue, Oct 13, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    ECON Club discusses Transportation Economics - the study of how resources are allocated in the transportation sector.
  • Tue, Oct 6, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    ECON Club will discuss the economics of discrimination and cost of racism. How exactly does discrimination affect our economy? Which markets experience racism? We realize that the economics of discrimination is a multifaceted subject. Please feel free to bring resources/questions for discussion!
  • Tue, Sept 29, 6:00 pm via ZOOM
    We’ll have a mini trivia session, compile a list of topics to discuss this term, talk about a potential economics book club, and discuss this year’s club project! 


  • Thur, Jun 4, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    We ask that you find a weird/niche/fascinating economics article to share with the group: plan to offer a quick summary, your favorite components, and one or two relevant discussion prompts. This meeting will also be a virtual potluck, so be sure to bring a snack!
  • Thur, May 28, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    Hello! This week, we will talk about the concept of summer break. Will we ever be rid of it? Is it something that is valuable and should keep? How could we adjust year-round schooling?Join us and share your insight on summer break.
  • Thur, May 21, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    This meeting will look into the economics of Oregon. Let’s talk about super cool things like our agriculture industry, tourism attractions, and comparative advantages. Which recent policies have had the most influence on statewide economic growth? Where could our state’s economy use some improvement?
  • Thur, May 14, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    Join us for ECON trivia!
  • Fri, May 8
    ECON major, Madeleine Smith, defends thesis on "Attachment to Place Among Teenage Students in School Districts with Four-Day School Weeks"
  • Thur, May 7, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    The meeting will explore the world of agriculture and food. What does the future of food look like? Should we continue to export our food all around the world? Do we need to stop eating meat? How can we build a better food system? 
  • Thur, Apr 30, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    The meeting will delve into the world of crime. Why does crime occur? What are the costs of crime? What deters crime? Are we doing a good job of stopping it? Let’s talk about it! 
  • Thur, Apr 23, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    Our fourth meeting of Spring Term ECON Club will explore healthcare and human capital. We really want to hear your thoughts. Is healthcare a worthy investment? How do we measure its effectiveness? 
  • Thur, Apr 16, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    Be ready to answer the question, "What would you do with $1 million?"
  • Thur, Apr 9, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    Conversation will center on the Cost of COVID-19.
  • Thur, Apr 2, 5:30 pm via ZOOM
    ECON Club starts the term discussing Economics in the Media.


  • Fri, Mar 13, 12 noon BEXL 414
    Economics students will bring a potluck to share with our Economics faculty.
  • Tue, Mar 3, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Annual ECON Club elections. There will also be conversation about how economics is taught.
  • Tue, Feb 25, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club takes on the hot topic of the economics of healthcare.
  • Tue, Feb 25, 10:30 am BEXL 417
    Guest speaker Gary Lin presents on "Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Trade Liberalization".
  • Mon, Feb 24, 2:30 pm BEXL 415
    Guest speaker Hoang Pham presents on "International Trade and the Labor Market Power of Firms: Theory and Evidence".
  • Fri, Feb 21, 12 noon BEXL 414
    Women in ECON lunch meet-up. Stop by and chat, eat your lunch, meet other ECON majors, and enjoy a break. Cookies provided, please bring your own lunch.
  • Tue, Feb 18, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week Econ Club will be talking about the Economics of Discrimination. In particular, how Economics as a discipline remains a very white-male dominated field and interpret what factors contribute to that. In honor of Black History Month we will also watch a film based on true events, about a Black student in Portland in a majority-white school, and discuss how being singled out in an educational setting can be isolating and traumatic.
  • Tue, Feb 11, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club takes a closer look at economics behind the Oregon climate change legislation and the proposed carbon cap and trade scheme.
  • Tue, Feb 4, 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    Karla Rockhold, College of Liberal Arts liaison for Career Development Center, will be the guest speaker at ECON Club. Discussion will include tips for career development with an economics degree.
  • Fri, Jan 31, 10:30 am, BEXL 103
    Guest speaker Anna Ignatenko presents on "Price Discrimination in International Transportation: Evidence and Implications".
  • Tue, Jan 28, 4:00 pm, BEXL 414
    Club meets with guest speaker for casual conversation.
  • Tue, Jan 28, 10:30 am, BEXL 207
    Guest speaker Mary Batistich presents on "Skill-Biased Technical Change and Employment in U.S. Manufacturing".
  • Mon, Jan 27, 10:30 am, BEXL 103
    Guest speaker Sanjana Goswami presents "Employment Consequences of U.S. Trade Wars".
  • Wed, Jan 22, 10:30 am, BEXL 103
    Guest speaker Devaki Ghose presents "Trade, Internal Migration, and Human Capital: Who Gains from India's IT Boom".
  • Tue, Jan 21, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week ECON Club will be looking at the economics of personal finance. Please bring your laptop if you are able.
  • Fri, Jan 17, 12:00 noon BEXL 414
    Prof. Todd Pugatch presents "Motivations to Major in Economics" at the School of Public Policy Brownbag Series.
  • Tue, Jan 14, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club discussion will be turning attention to the economics of outer space, talking about how firms might operate in this new area, and what the future of space economics might hold.
    Tue, Jan 7, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
  • Our first meeting of term we will be looking at some trends that defined the past decade of economics and discussing what we think will be important in economics in the 2020's.  Bring ideas for topics you'd like to cover this term.

FALL 2019

  • Fri, Dec 6, 12:00 noon BEXL 414
    Economics students will bring a potluck to share with our Economics faculty.
  • Wed, Dec 4, 2:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Seminar - Yong Wang from City University of Hong Kong will be giving a talk entitled "Competition in Taxes and Intellectual Property Rights” in Bexell 326 from 2:00-3:30 next Wednesday, December 4th.
  • Tue, Nov 26, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be discussing how behavioral economics plays a role in our decision making. Specifically, we’ll look at how utility theory, prospect theory, anchoring, and the nudge effect dictate our perceived pay-offs and identify areas where these tools are used for and against us. We are also doing a Friendsgiving potluck; bring food to share.
  • Tue, Nov 19, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week we're going to be looking at tax cuts and government revenue. Specifically, we're going to be looking at two examples of how different sides of the political spectrum have chosen to look at taxes:1) The Trump administration's Tax Cut and Jobs Act from 2017 recently turned two years-old; and 2) Democratic Presidential candidates Warren and Sanders' proposals of a 2% wealth tax on the ultra wealthy.
  • Tue, Nov 12, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be looking at hot topics in the Reddit/Economics page. As a group, we will respond to the most interesting topics, questions, and discussions. Topics range from bad economics, questions about economic theory, how to tax the wealthy, and many many more.
  • Tue, Nov 5, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club looks at a different approach to economic growth and how to account for sustainability in economics! It's called Doughnut Economics  and was developed by an economist named Kate Raworth.
  • Fri, Nov 1, 12:00 noon, BEXL 414 School of Public Policy Brown Bag Seminar
    Xiuming (Audrey) Dong, a doctoral candidate from Syracuse, will be presenting on “The Effect of Recreational Marijuana Sales Legalization on Workplace Injuries: Evidence from Oregon”.
  • Tue, Oct 29, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON club hosts a study session - just in time for peak midterm season!
  • Tue, Oct 22, 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Guest speaker, Julie Hawkins from Primerica, will speak about her personal story and experiences in her career.
  • Tue, Oct 15; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Discussion of some economic issues and polices during the 2020 Democratic Primary. Potential topics could be healthcare reform, tax structures and wealth taxes, international trade, universal basic income.
  • Tue, Oct 8; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week we discuss environmental economics - whether it is economically feasible for businesses to balance their desire to profit with environmental health, possible solutions for climate change, and why those against “environmentalism” deny the many proposals offered to understand differing perspectives. After our discussion we will play a game involving some of these issues and see just how hard (or easy) it is for businesses to balance their obligation to their profits and those to the environment.
  • Fri, Oct 4; 2:00 pm BEXL 323
    ECON Seminar - AJ Bostian will be giving a talk on "Robustness and Inference in Risk and Time Experiments to Life Cycle Asset Integration".
  • Tue, Sept 30; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will discuss potential future topics, and also briefly talk about the inverted yield curve and general recession scares. Resources to prepare for meeting: Wall Street Journal Video looks at yield curve and inversion, Federal Reserve Bank article on yield curve as recession predictor, and New York Times article looking at potential recession indicators.



  • Fri, Mar 15; 12:00 noon BEXL 414
    Economics students will bring a potluck to share with our Economics faculty.
  • Tue, Mar 5; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Prof Paul Thompson is guest speaker at ECON Club. He will be presenting his research on 4-day school weeks.
  • Tue, Feb 26; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week, ECON Club will have board elections. We will also be watching a video from an OSU Econ major currently doing an internship in Washington DC.
  • Tue, Feb 19; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will be hosting a student from the OSU Government Relations Office on Tuesday, and talking a bit about the opportunities of economics in public service and policy work. We might even have a special message from an OSU student who is currently interning in Washington DC!
  • Tue, Feb 12; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts guest speaker Dr. Mallory Rahe from Applied Economics Department. Mallory serves Oregon as a community economist, with her work focused on rural areas. Discussion will be about economic opportunities and challenges facing rural Oregon. For a sneak peek, check out this short documentary.
  • Tue, Feb 5; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will talk about the tragedy of the commons and carbon tax, with a couple of relevant examples. Here is a statement released by Nobel Economists, among others, about carbon taxes.
  • Tue, Jan 29; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will continue it's discussion on the economics of discrimination.
  • Tue, Jan 22; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    We'll be talking about the economics of discrimination. Check out these articles ahead of time if you have a chance!
            Upward mobility gender/race disparities
            Long-term Economic barriers to mobility
  • Tue, Jan 15; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Health care will be the Week 2 conversation topic for ECON Club. Here are a few articles from the American Economic Association looking at different aspects of the health care industry:
            Hospitals operating like businesses
            Informing physicians on the costs of medication, impacts on prescriptions
            Health insurance impact on finances
  • Tue, Jan 8; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club starts Winter term looking at economic forecasts for 2019. Club will also be brainstorming discussion topics for the upcoming term.

FALL 2018

  • Tue, Nov 27; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    The last ECON Club meeting of Fall Term will be a "game night [afternoon]". This is an end-of-term celebration with a snack potluck.
  • Tue, Nov 20; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will have a discussion on the economics of the music industry. There are a lot of interesting opportunities and new challenges facing artists and producers today. Here are some sources on the subject: Economist article, Wall Street Journal video, Economist video.
  • Tue, Nov 13; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club will have a grad school panel featuring Profs Liz Schroeder and Paul Thompson. They will share their experiences in graduate school for economics. Bring questions you have about the experience and the process.
  • Tue, Nov 6; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    Our next thrilling meeting will be on election day! We will have an international theme, since International Education Week is coming up in November. A representative from the Office of Global Opportunities will share for a bit about international study/internship opportunities at OSU. We will also hear from international and domestic students about study abroad experiences.
  • Tue, Oct 30; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week ECON Club will talk about elections - current polls, peoples' voting decisions, voter turnout and rainy days, media bias influence, women in politics.
  • Tue, Oct 23; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts Sociology Professor Brett Burkhardt for a discussion on privatized prisons.
  • Tue, Oct 16; 4:00 pm BEXL 326
    This week ECON Club discusses technology and the implications on efficiency, jobs and education.
  • Tue, Oct 9; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club hosts Karal Rockhold, the College of Liberal Arts liaison for Career Development Center. Karla will be speaking specifically to career opportunities for economics majors.
  • Tue, Oct 2; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club continues discussion on plastic waste.
  • Tue, Sept 25; 4:00 pm, BEXL 326
    ECON Club first meeting of Fall term with conversation centering on Fall meeting topics. We will begin discussion on plastic waste, with a video by The Economist Magazine.