see also: Full MPP Faculty List; Academic Qualification Policy

The Core Faculty for the MPP serve on the Executive Committee and include MPP Concentration Advisors, MPP Admissions Committee, Program Liaisons for Economics, Political Science and Sociology, NASPAA Accreditation Team, and core course instructors. The Core Faculty are responsible for program policy, governance and delivery of required core courses.

Faculty: Program: Role(s):
Scott Akins Sociology Core Course; Law, Crime & Policy Concentration Advisor; Ecampus MPP Coordinator; Admissions Committee
David Bernell Political Science Core Course; Energy Policy Concentration Advisor; Admissions Committee; Political Science Program Coordinator
Hilary Boudet Sociology Core Course
Brett Burkhardt Sociology Core Course
Lori Cramer Sociology Environmental Policy Concentration Advisor; Sociology Program Coordinator
Mark Edwards Sociology Core Course; Rural Policy Concentration Advisor; Admissions Committee
Patrick Emerson Economics Core Course; Admissions Committee
Sally Gallagher Sociology Core Course; Admissions Committee
Sarah Henderson Political Science International Policy Concentration Advisor
Alison Johnston Political Science Core Course 
Michael Jones Political Science Core Course; Admissions Committee
Denise Lach Sociology  Core Course; Science & Technology Policy Concentration Advisor
Todd Pugatch Economics  Core Course 
Elizabeth Schroeder Economics Admissions Committee; Economics Program Coordinator
Ana Spalding Marine/Coastal Policy Admissions Committee
Brent Steel Political Science  Core Course; Graduate Program Director   
Paul Thompson Economics Core Course
Carol Tremblay Economics  Core Course
Vic Tremblay Economics Core Course
Andrew Valls Political Science Interim Director, School of Public Policy
Rebecca Warner Social Policy Social Policy Concentration Advisor
Ed Weber Political Science  Core Course