Director of the Public Policy Graduate Program: Appointed by the Director of the School of Public Policy in consultation with the Program Coordinators of Economics, Political Science and Sociology.  The Director is responsible for program management and budget, head advisor for students, student recruitment, website maintenance, and representing the program on campus and in the community.  The director has a .50 FTE appointment in the MPP Program and a .50 FTE appointment in their home program. The Director is Professor Brent S. Steel (Email:; 318 Bexell Hall; Phone: 541-737-6133).

MPP Admissions Committee:  Appointed by the Director of the Public Policy Graduate Program, the Admissions Committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting new MPP student applicants. The committee is comprised of faculty members from Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and the Graduate Director (ex officio).

Public Policy Graduate Committee (Core Faculty): This committee is responsible for all MPP program planning and policy.  Membership includes the MPP and PhD Admissions Committee, the Program Coordinators for Economics, Political Science and Sociology, all faculty that teach required core MPP and PhD courses, two elected students, a MPP Alumnus, a potential employer, the Graduate Director (ex officio), the School Director (ex officio), and the Assistant Graduate Director.  The committee meets three or more times a year as needed.

MPP Student Representatives:  Elected by secret ballot by MPP cohort, student representatives are responsible for representing MPP student interests and attending Public Policy Graduate Committee meetings. 

Public Policy Graduate Program Advisory Board (Board): Appointed by the Graduate Program Director, the Advisory Board is composed of public service professionals and alumni that provide advice and guidance on long-term program strategies and goals including student success, program design, and collaboration with community, regional, national and international partners.