A minimum of 62 quarter credit hours are required for graduation, 36 in required core courses and 26 credits in the preferred areas of concentration with a 10 credit internship option: Energy Policy, Environmental Policy, International Policy, Law and Crime Policy, Rural Policy, Science and Technology Policy or Social Policy.

Required Core Courses:

ECON 517

Microeconomic Theory for MPP Students [4 credits; for students without microeconomics background-prereq for ECON 524 and ECON 539; counts as elective credits]

ECON 524

Introduction to Econometrics [4 credits]

ECON 539

Public Policy Analysis [4 credits]

PPOL 511

Public Organizations and Leadership [4 credits]

PPOL 512

Public Policy Theory [4 credits]

PPOL 507

Professional Development Seminar for First Year Students [1 credit]

PPOL 507

Professional Development Seminar for Second Year Students [1 credit]

PPOL 521

Understanding Social Research [4 credits]

PPOL 522 or
PPOL 523

Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis [4 credits] - or- PPOL 523-Qualitative Research Methods [4 credits]

PPOL 524

Applied Research Methods [4 credits]

PPOL 501

MPP Essay [6 credits]

36 credits subtotal for core courses

A one to ten credit optional internship is also available for students with little to no professional experience.