Online MPP: Applied Policy Capstone Project (PPOL 501; 4 credits)

An Applied Policy Capstone Project (MPP Essay) is required of all MPP students. The capstone project should focus on a policy issue/problem of relevance to the student’s current position or a policy area where the student has career or public service aspirations. Capstone projects will be judged on how well the following five goals are addressed:

  1. Illustrate an in depth, detailed and nuanced understanding of a specific issue, topic or question in the field.
  2. Illustrate an awareness of the theoretical issues and arguments raised and discussed in the literature on the subject.
  3. Express the ideas, concepts and arguments advanced in the paper with precision and rigor.
  4. Enlarge the reader's understanding of the issue and topic.
  5. Propose policies to address the issue/problem.

The Capstone project should strive to be equivalent in content, sophistication and technical expertise to a publishable paper in a respected scholarly journal. The project can be on any subject in public policy, as agreed upon by your committee. There are no limitations or preferences for a particular theoretical or methodological approach.