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  • At the SPP Awards Ceremony 2019, the following SPP students were recognized with awards:

    Economics Department Scholarship & Fellowship Fund: Jason Smith, Kristen Andrews, Robert Backus, Seth Burke, Christopher DeHart, Lindsey Esch, Fu  Mingxuan, Noah Lee, Emily Lisin, Chiara Marzi, Dominique Willard Argyres, Brian Yong, Calvy Yue, Avery Baumgart, Noah Cook, Ryan Khalife, Ryan Murphy, Kenneth Noble, Benjamin Sharkansky, Zhang Jiawen
    Political Science Centennial Scholarship: Mohammed Shakibnia
    Sherman D. Bloomer Scholarship: Skye Walker, Leif Larsen
    Tony & Cindi Williams Political Science Scholarship: Claire Waggoner
    Academic Excellence in Sociology: Megan Kilgore
    Faculty Recognition Award: Jade Caudle
    Alumni Award for Experiential Learning: Anna Kubiak
    WIC Culture of Writing Award: Shannon Pastori, Bri Nordin, Marcus Trinidad

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  • Political Science / International Affairs students Isadora Costa Cardoso and Uwe Keist were awarded with the Oregon Consular Corps Scholarship.


  • MPP Ranking ranked the Online MPP Program at OSU at #8 in the Nation.
  • Professor Mark Edwards has conducted a report on Widespread Declines, Yet Persistent Inequalities: Food Insecurity in Oregon and the U.S., 2015-2017 (December 2018).
  • Professors Rorie Solberg Top Online Political Science Degree Programsand Chris Stout participated in a panel discussion focused on "Making Sense of the Midterm Elections", as part of the "Citizenship & Crisis" series. It was covered by the Gazette Times. Video of the panel is also available.
  • Affordable Colleges Online has awarded the e-campus Political Science Program as one of the Best Online Political Science Degrees in 2018/19.
  • Terra Magazine published a story about the Asian Studies program, which is led by Political Science professor Hua-Yu Li.
  • Stephen Gunther will defend his MPP Essay "Challenging the System: The Role of Community Choice Aggregation in California's Transition to a Renewable Energy Future" on Wednesday June 13th, 10:00am, in Gilkey 305
  • Christopher Starr will defend his MPP Essay "Looking for 'common ground' in Genetically Modified Crops policy: an interview-based study" on Friday, June 8th, 2:00pm, in Bexell 414

  • Maria Dolores Vazquez will defend her MPP Essay "Organizational Research on Oregon Latino Nonprofits: barriers, good practices and role in civic engagement" on Thursday, June 7th, 10:00am, in Bexell 328

  • Yohanna Gultom will defend her PhD Thesis on "Essays on Public Sector Contracting" on Wednesday, June 6th, 3:00pm, in the Valley Library Willamette West Room

  • Jonathan Sandoval will defend his MPP Essay "Hungary's Democratic Decline: A study of organizational power in Hungarian politics" on Monday, June 4th, 1:00pm, in Bexell 414

  • Yousef Allouzi will defend his MPP Essay (topic TBD) on Monday, June 4th, 10:00am, in Bexell 103

  • Holly Peterson will defend her PhD Thesis on "Macro Stories: Policy Process Dynamics of Presidential Environmental Policy Ideas" on Thursday, May 31st, 10:00am, in Bexell 414

  • Alexandra Buylova will defend her PhD Thesis on "Risk Perceptions and Behaviors: Responses to the Threat of Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes and Tsunamis" on Friday, May 18th, 3:00pm, in the Valley Library Willamette West Room



  • Hillary Boudet's has talked on Yale Climate Connections about her project with girl scouts learning to conserve energy.


  • Ambassador Mary Yates (Ambassador to Burundi 1999-2002, to Ghana 2002-2005) has met with the Women in Policy group on Friday, October 23, 2015, sharing this advice:

    "It is possible. Take on difficult jobs, do things you don't believe you are capable of, and love every minute of it. When a door opens for you, go through it, you never know where it will lead, or what other doors will be open because of it. Say yes to all kinds of opportunities. Work hard, and do things that you think are important, not just things that are important to others."

    SPP graduate and PhD students
    (MPP Student Meredith Brooks, PhD Student Ashley Parker, Ambassador Yates, PhD Student Misty Freeman, Debbie Colbert (Secretary of the Board of Trustees), PhD Student Iva Sokolovska PhD Student).

  • MPP Alumnus Zach Dunn has been featured on Business Daily Africa for his work as East Africa field director for the Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory.



  • Former MPP student Bridget Burns, who works as chief of staff of the Oregon University System and is currently serving as an American Council on Education Fellow at Arizona State University, has been awarded the Edwin Crawford Award for Innovation (see also the video).
  • The SPP Seminar is now the SPP Brownbag Series.
  • The new Women in Policy web site is online. Oregon State University’s Women in Policy student group seeks to serve as a platform for increased collaboration and education for those interested in policy topics, which span all disciplines, including social and natural sciences. The group also aims to build a diverse member base, from casually interested observers to those who are actively pursuing careers in policy-making. Central to the group is to recognize and raise awareness among members and the broader community about historical and current under-representation of women in the policy process. WIP invites both undergraduate and graduate students of any gender to contribute towards this goal. Staff/faculty and community members are also encouraged to participate.
  • Roger Hammer (Sociology) has commented on the rise of homes in the West in a New York Times article.
  • As part of the Oregon University System summer program in Cuba organized by Dwaine Plaza (Sociology) and Amy Below (Political Science), a Cuban-American student has finally been able to visit Cuba again, as reported by the Gazette-Times and KVAL.
    The course web site contains the students' Youtube video projects. Each Youtube video captured the students' research interest in Cuba. The topics of the Youtube videos range from: tourism, women's lives, culture, transportation, religion, community, urban agriculture education and health care.

    SPP Cuba trip

    SPP Cuba trip 2

    SPP Cuba trip 3

  • The Oregon Policy Analysis Laboratory (OPAL) has been launched officially Monday, April 15.
  • MPP student Matthew Palm won the OSU Graduate School's 2013 "Scholars Insights" program where students get three minutes to present their research to change the world. See the press coverage at the Gazette Times Newspaper and the event on OSU Media Space. Matthew would like to recognize his advisor Dr. B Starr McMullen and the Furman Fellowship for supporting his work.  He would also like to thank Brian Gregor, the author of Oregon's Greenhouse Gas Statewide Transportation Emissions Model (GreenSTEP), for initiating this project.
  • Todd Pugatch has received a Faculty Time Release Award for his research project on “U.S. Border Enforcement and Mexican Immigrant Location Choice” for Spring 2013.
  • Alison Johnston recently gave a talk at the University of Oklahoma on the Debt Crisis and General Strikes in Europe that was aired on National Public Radio. You can listen to her presentation online.

  • School of Public Policy faculty and students and Rural Studies conducted a study for the Oregon State Legislature in 2013 that examined the participants in the State's Oregon Senior and Disabled Property Tax Deferral Program for Seniors and the Disabled. Read about the study in the Salem Statesman Journal. MPP student Conor Wall and Professors Bruce Weber and Brent Steel presented the results of the Oregon Senior and Disabled Property Tax Deferral Study to the Oregon House of Representatives Revenue Committee and Oregon Senate Revenue Committee on March 22, 2013.


  • Professor Rob Sahr has talked with NPR about the National Debt and 2012 Election. The national debt is a major talking point in this year's presidential election. But political scientist Robert Sahr says it hasn't always been this way. He sits down with host Michel Martin to look at what the presidential candidates plan to do about the debt. The conversation is part of NPR's "Solve This" series, looking at the issues driving the election.  Read or hear the interview at: Does Candidates’ Debt Math Add Up?


  • Oregon Sea Grant researcher Lori Cramer, a sociologist at Oregon State University, says natural disasters, instead of affecting everyone equally, will often exacerbate preexisting inequalities. And, says Cramer, for poor and vulnerable groups on the Oregon coast, the Japanese tsunami on March 11, 2011, could be their wake-up call. Read the article: Who is Most Affected by Tsunamis?

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