Our mission is to inform and improve public policy in Oregon and beyond through independent, objective, nonpartisan policy analysis conducted by OSU students on major social, economic, ecological, and political issues. To accomplish this, we will draw upon the extensive research capacity of Oregon State University. 


We will train students and engage faculty in a regionally-acclaimed knowledge enterprise that raises the standards of public policy debates and decisions and integrates social, economic, and ecological sustainability.


The OSU Policy Analysis Laboratory adheres to a set of core values: excellence, independence, inclusion, innovation, relevance, transparency, and community.

  • Excellence:
    We produce high-quality research and information for policymakers at all levels, from rural townships and urban neighborhoods to state and federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and private sector organizations. We seek to recruit and retain top students from around the country and the world, and we provide opportunities for them to collaborate and be mentored by OSU’s outstanding faculty.
  • Independence:
    We insist on rigorous, nonpartisan, objective analysis, whether from established faculty or new students. We report findings and recommendations based on unbiased inquiry.
  • Inclusion:
    We prioritize projects and engage in methods that contribute to including oft-marginalized communities in policy evaluation and generation.
  • Innovation:
    We challenge students and faculty to pioneer novel solutions and take full advantage of emerging opportunities for change.
  • Relevance:
    We seek to develop knowledge in response to both immediate and long-term demands of policymaking at large and small scales. To meet this goal, we use the best available science and frame our projects and analyses through the innovative and emerging social, ecological, and economic precepts of sustainability.
  • Transparency:
    We disclose our methods, resources, and processes by providing open access to our publications to all interested parties.
  • Community:
    Externally, we can engage with civic, business, labor, nonprofit, government, educational, and research groups for any given project. Internally, we provide a workplace that offers mutual respect, collegiality, collaboration, and inclusiveness at all levels. We support personal, family, and professional development and appreciate the diversity of people, regions, and ideas in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.