PhD Graduate - Defended 2016
Public Policy Graduate Program
School of Public Policy

111 Bexell Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3703

About Myself

Originally from the San Joaquin Valley of California, I came to Oregon State University in 2010 for the Master of Public Policy program. My area of concentration was social policy, with a Minor in Rural Studies. My final research project for the MPP was an exploration of how social services might be more effectively tailored to the needs of tribal children and families in Klamath County, Oregon. During the MPP program I interned with Klamath Lake CARES, where my colleague Emily Wornell and I wrote a white paper offering policy recommendations to community partners addressing child maltreatment in Klamath County.

Today, I am part of the inaugural cohort in the OSU School of Public Policy doctoral program. My dissertation research explores how water issues impact different rural communities around Oregon. The project includes an analysis of Oregon water policies, interviews with 38 professionals involved with water policy at the state level, and 35 interviews with stakeholders in three case study communities.

For my practicum, I interned with the Oregon State Legislature as a nonpartisan policy analyst with Committee Services. I later served as an intern for State Senator Arnie Roblan and helped organize the 2014 & 2015 Oregon Coast Economic Summits.

Outside of class, I helped found OSU’s Women in Policy student group, where I have worked since 2011 with other women and allies to address issues of underrepresentation in the policy process. I am active with the Center for Women’s Leadership at Portland State University, where I served on the Finance Committee to the Board of Directors and continue to volunteer as a member of the Alumnae Committee. Additionally, I serve on the Benton County Planning Commission and the Board of Directors for Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services.

Before coming to OSU, I studied Politics at UC Santa Cruz and Business Administration at California Coast University. I worked as the Operations Manager for a tax firm and as an Enrolled Agent preparing tax returns and consulting. I also served as the fiscal manager for Social Services and analyst for Child Welfare Services for Mariposa County, California.

Research Interests / Policy Concentrations

  • Water Policy
  • Science in Policy
  • Natural Resources & Environment
  • Child Maltreatment
  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Rural Communities

Teaching & Teaching Assistant Work

  • SOC 360: Population Trends & Policy, taught course on campus and online, reformatted and refreshed course lectures and materials for updated web platform, 2012-present
  • PS 206: Introduction to Political Thought, guest lectured, proctored and graded exams, set up Blackboard website, 2010-11
  • PS 363: Gender and Race in American Political Thought, guest lectured, proctored and graded exams, 2011
  • SOC 204: Introduction to Sociology, guest lectured, proctored and graded exams, 2012
  • SOC 426: Social Inequality, graded written assignments, provided feedback and answered questions for students, 2014
  • SOC 439: Welfare and Social Services, researched relevant literature, assisted with syllabus creation, 2011-12


Brief Vita


Other MPP and PhD Program Highlights:

  • International Comparative Rural Studies Summer Institute Scholarship, Norway, 2011
  • Communities & Natural Resources Field School in Coos & Wallowa Counties, Oregon, 2011
  • Qualitative Analysis of Oregon Department of Human Services Survey Data, 2011
  • Natural Resources Leadership Academy & Field School in Sweet Home, Oregon, Social Aspects of Natural Resource Use, 2012


  • To Klamath County Community Partners, “A Birds Eye View of Service Provision and Community Partner Relationships,” with Emily Wornell, 2011
  • To Pacific Sociological Association, “Tailoring Social Services to the Needs of Tribal Children and Families,” 2013
  • To Oregon Legislature’s Committee Services Staff, “An Introduction to Research Methods & Approaches,” with Sally Duncan & Brent Steel, 2015
  • To Penn State Rural Sociology Graduate Association, “Kuhnian Revolutions in 20th Century Hydrology,” 2015
  • To Oregon Women in Higher Education, “OSU’s Women in Policy: Networking, Professional Growth, & Support,” 2015
  • To Recharge Conference, “Women Making an Impact Where We Are Planted,” 2015
  • To American Association of Geographers, “Complicating the Rural in Oregon’s Water Policymaking,” 2016