Mohamed Elkaramany, Public Policy (2020) Dissertation: "Examining the Causes of Variation between States in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s Participation Rates: Empirical and Case Study Analysis"
Anna Karmazina, Public Policy (2020) Dissertation: “Barriers and Facilitators of Demand Response in the U.S. Electricity Sector: A Mixed-Method Study"
Abdullah Husain, Environmental Science (2018)

Dissertation: The Narrative of Environmentalism in Kuwait 

Hillary Fishler, Environmental Science (2017)

Dissertation: How We've Rebuilt: Collaboration, Community, Institutions, and Adaptation Following Catastrophic Wildland Fire in the United States

Casey Lynn Taylor, Environmental Science (2016)

Dissertation: The Challenges and Opportunities of a Proactive Endangered Species Act: A Case Study of the Greater Sage Grouse

Suman Pant, Public Policy (2016)

Dissertation: Examining Nepal's Community Forestry to Understand Opportunities and Barriers to Successful Collective Action

Monica Hubbard, Environmental Science (2013)

Dissertation: Oregon's Integrated Water Resource Planning: Public Knowledge, Risk Perception and Civil Society

Erika Wolters, Environmental Science (2012)

Dissertation: Addressing the Future of Water in Oregon: A Look at the Human and Institutional Factors Shaping Oregon Water Management

Yao Yin, Environmental Science (2011)

Dissertation: Understanding Community Wind Development in Oregon: An Integrated Analysis

Eugene Choi, Environmental Science (2011)

Dissertation: Understanding Environmentalism in Six Asian Countries: An Analysis of the World Values Survey

Maria Stefanovich Petrova, Environmental Science (2010)

Dissertation: Determinants of Public Opinion on Renewable Energy: The Case of Wave Energy Development in Oregon

Valentina Fomenko, Environmental Science (2004)

Dissertation: Public Support for Species Conservation Policies: Major Determinants in the Case of the Pacific Salmon Controversy

Current Students & Postdocs


Tamas Golya

After teaching classes on international relations, comparative politics, and the politics of oil as an adjunct instructor here at Oregon State University, I decided to join the new PhD program in public policy at OSU. I am excited about the interdisciplinary nature of this program and the diverse interests, theoretical and methodological backgrounds of the faculty and the graduate students here.

I am interested in the nexus of public opinion, energy policy, and environmental justice, which is an important part of OSU’s project exploring renewable energy siting in the Western United States. I am also very interested in deepening my practical knowledge of applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to political and sociological phenomena, which I think will be a growth sector in the near future.

I hold degrees in political science and sociology from the University of Oregon and the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Having experienced the beautiful Pacific Northwest first as an exchange student from Germany, I am happy to be able to combine being part of a stimulating graduate program with living in one of the best parts of North America.

Policy Interests

Energy Policy, Environmental Policy

Johannah Hamilton

About Myself

I'm Johannah Hamilton and I'm originally from Louisville, KY. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics and a dual minor in Spanish and business. After that I moved to Alabama to pursue my M.S. in Agricultural Economics. Now I’m a PhD student in the Public Policy department at Oregon State.

During my undergraduate studies I interned with the Jefferson County 4-H Cooperative Extension office in Louisville, KY. I was also an intern for the University of Kentucky’s International Studies Office. I was an active member of MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences) where I was afforded several opportunities for internships, study abroad programs, and to pursue higher education. I discovered my passion of international development during my undergraduate studies, studying abroad 4 times while there and once while getting my Masters. My study abroad programs took place in Panama, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and two in Mexico. All of these programs centered heavily around community development, community service, and agriculture. In Nicaragua I interned with a company named Pantaleon Monte Rosa, a huge agro-industrial company dedicated to processing sugar cane for the purpose of producing sugar and electrical energy for the country. At Auburn University I was a teaching assistant for an agricultural law and farm appraisal class and also a member of a few organizations. Here at OSU I am a graduate student ambassador, co-advisor for 2 organizations, Southern Regional Education Board Scholar and part of BGSA (Black Graduate Student Association).

Areas of Interest

international development
rural policy
foreign policy
economic policy


Co-advisor for SACNAS (Society of Advancement for Chicanos and Native Americans in Science)

Co-advisor for MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences)

Brianna O'Steen

I am originally from Gainesville, Florida. In 2012 I completed my BA in Anthropology at the University of South Florida (USF). I moved to Washington DC for an internship at the Smithsonian Institution's Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. I returned to USF where I earned a MA in Applied Anthropology and a MPH in Public Health Education in 2016. My thesis research was centered around domestic minor sex trafficking in Florida and policies affecting this population. For my dissertation I am interested in analyzing economic and development policies and how they have affected women and labor in the Philippines.    

Benjamin Wickizer

Despite growing up in Seattle, my route to Corvallis has been oblique.  However, I am excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest and am enjoying having ready access to the regional issues that initially attracted me to environmental scholarship.  I received my BA degree in History with Departmental Honors from SUNY Geneseo.  Following graduation, I worked for a number of years for the Environmental Law and Policy Center and the Sierra Club Ohio Chapter in Columbus, Ohio, focusing principally on water and transportation policy at the state and local levels.  Subsequently, I received an MS degree from Ohio State University's School of Environment and Natural Resources, with a specialization in Environmental Social Science.  

My research centers on various aspects of environmental and conservation policy.  I am particularly interested in examining public and stakeholder cognitions and behaviors and their relationships with policy fates and outcomes, as well as cooperation and conflict.  My research also focuses on the construction and influence of conservation policy narratives and framing effects.  Additionally, identifying nexuses and divergences between environmental ethics and public moral sentiments and our policy apparatus is of interest to me.  My dissertation will focus on sociopolitical dimensions of potential sea otter reintroduction to the Oregon coast.  In my free time, I enjoy all manners of outdoor recreation as well as photography, often with my wife and Australian Shepherd at my side.

Areas of Interest

Environmental Policy and Governance
Policy Process Theory
Narratives and Framing Effects
Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Natural Resources
Environmental Ethics


Environmental Politics and Policy (PS 475)
Politics of Climate Change (PS 455)
Introduction to Policy Research (PPOL 421)



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