Tamas Golya, Public Policy (2022)

Dissertation: "Effects of State Policies and County Characteristics on Wind Energy Siting in the Western U.S."
Muhammad Aatir Khan (2022) Dissertation: "An Evaluation of Legislative and Policy Reforms in Public Education in the Province of Sindh, Pakistan"

Brianna O'Steen, Public Policy (2021)

Dissertation: "A Mixed Methods Analysis of Philippine Labor Export Policies and Impacts on Overseas Filipino Workers"

Mohamed Elkaramany, Public Policy (2020)

Dissertation: "Examining the Causes of Variation between States in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s Participation Rates: Empirical and Case Study Analysis"
Alexandria "Sasha" Buylova, Public Policy (2019-20)

Postdoc: "Limiting Energy Costs and Creating Opportunities for Low Income Oregonians to Participate in Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Programs" 

Anna Karmazina, Public Policy (2020)

Dissertation: “Barriers and Facilitators of Demand Response in the U.S. Electricity Sector: A Mixed-Method Study"
Abdullah Husain, Environmental Science (2018)

Dissertation: The Narrative of Environmentalism in Kuwait 

Hillary Fishler, Environmental Science (2017)

Dissertation: How We've Rebuilt: Collaboration, Community, Institutions, and Adaptation Following Catastrophic Wildland Fire in the United States

Casey Lynn Taylor, Environmental Science (2016)

Dissertation: The Challenges and Opportunities of a Proactive Endangered Species Act: A Case Study of the Greater Sage Grouse

Suman Pant, Public Policy (2016)

Dissertation: Examining Nepal's Community Forestry to Understand Opportunities and Barriers to Successful Collective Action

Monica Hubbard, Environmental Science (2013)

Dissertation: Oregon's Integrated Water Resource Planning: Public Knowledge, Risk Perception and Civil Society

Erika Wolters, Environmental Science (2012)

Dissertation: Addressing the Future of Water in Oregon: A Look at the Human and Institutional Factors Shaping Oregon Water Management

Yao Yin, Environmental Science (2011)

Dissertation: Understanding Community Wind Development in Oregon: An Integrated Analysis

Eugene Choi, Environmental Science (2011)

Dissertation: Understanding Environmentalism in Six Asian Countries: An Analysis of the World Values Survey

Maria Stefanovich Petrova, Environmental Science (2010)

Dissertation: Determinants of Public Opinion on Renewable Energy: The Case of Wave Energy Development in Oregon

Valentina Fomenko, Environmental Science (2004)

Dissertation: Public Support for Species Conservation Policies: Major Determinants in the Case of the Pacific Salmon Controversy

Current Students & Postdocs



Areas of Interest

Gender and Family Policy
Development Policy


Society and Natural Resources (SOC 481)

Johannah Hamilton

Areas of Interest

international development
rural policy
foreign policy
economic policy


Co-advisor for SACNAS (Society of Advancement for Chicanos and Native Americans in Science)

Co-advisor for MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences)

Benjamin Wickizer

Areas of Interest

Environmental Policy and Governance
Policy Process Theory
Narratives and Framing Effects
Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Natural Resources
Environmental Ethics


Environmental Politics and Policy (PS 475)
Politics of Climate Change (PS 455)
Introduction to Policy Research (PPOL 421)



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