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Price of Gasoline 1950 to 2008, in Current and Constant (2008) Cents [pdf file]  Revised June 2009, using June 1, 2009 price data and estimated 2009 dollar conversion factors.  As noted in the graph, in order to pass the 1981 price per gallon peak, the average gasoline price for 2009 must exceed $3.26 (assuming slight deflation [-0.8%] in 2009).  Inflation might be higher in 2009 than early 2009 estimates, which would require a somewhat higher yearly average gasoline price in 2009 to exceed the 1981 inflation-adjusted price.

Price of Gold 1786 to 2005, in Current and Constant (2004) Dollars

Regarding the price of gold, several series, starting 1257, see also the Economic History Net.