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Sociology Program
School of Public Policy
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Oregon State University
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Oregon Sea Grant

Research Interests

  • Communities coping with change and transition
  • Personal and group leadership education
  • Cooperative learning and research

Curriculum Vitae


Brief Vita


  • Masters of Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR June 1987
  • Bachelors of Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR June 1984

Professional Appointments

  • Director, Marine Resource Management Program, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University (OSU), May 1, 2011 to present
  • Extension Community Outreach Specialist / Professor, Sociology, OSU, July 08 to present; Associate Professor, Sociology, OSU, Jun 02-Jun 08
  • Extension Community Outreach Specialist /Asst Professor, OSU Cooperative Extension Service, Jul 91-Jun 02
  • Extension Technology Outreach Agent / Assistant Professor, OSU Coop Extension Service, May 89-Jul 91        


  • 2006 President’s Report feature; 2006-07 OSU Alumni Calendar; 2006 “My OSU” poster series; 2005-06 Jefferson Street Banner “Community Educator”
  • 2001 OSU Women of Achievement Award.
  • 1999 OSUEA Search for Excellence Award for Outstanding Leadership in Educational Programming
  • 1998 LeVan Interdisciplinary Award from the Family Firm Institute.
  • 1998 State Winner, Epsilon Sigma Phi’s Early Career Award
  • 1997 Alberta Johnston Excellence in Extension Education Award
  • 1994 OSU Extension Newer Faculty Award
  • 1990 OSU Extension Association, Search For Excellence Award

Recent Publications

  • R. Hunter Berns and Flaxen Conway. 2012. “A Framework for the Preliminary Assessment of Vulnerability of Fishing-Dependent Communities.” Proceedings of the 27th Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium, Anchorage, AK.
  • Henkel, S., F. Conway, and G. Boehlert. 2011. “Beyond ‘Stressor-Receptor’ Interactions: Environmental Effects of Ocean Energy Through a Societal Lens” Submission to special issue on Ocean Energy and Environments to be published in The Proceedings of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.
  • Conway, F., J. Stevenson, D. Hunter, M. Stefanovich, H. Campbell, Z. Covell, and Y. Yin. 2010. “Ocean Space, Ocean Place: The Human Dimensions of Wave Energy in Oregon.” Oceanography 23(2): 82-91.
  • Conway, F., C. Pomeroy, and M. Hall-Arber. 2010. “Managing-Data Poor Fisheries by Paying Attention to Managing Relationships.” Proceedings:  Managing Data-Poor Fisheries: Case Studies, Models and Solutions, December 1-4, 2008, Berkeley, CA.
  • Christina Package and Flaxen Conway. 2010. “Long Form Fishing Community Profile: Port Orford, Oregon.”, “Long Form Fishing Community Profile: Garibaldi, Oregon.”, and  “Long Form Fishing Community Profile: Newport, Oregon.” Three OSG-supported research project products actively being used in the Oregon Marine Reserve Siting Process.
  • Hall-Arber, M., C. Pomeroy, and F. Conway. 2009.Figuring out the Human Dimensions of Fisheries: Illuminating Models.” Marine and Coastal Fisheries.1:300-314.
  • Flaxen D.L. Conway and Kaety Hildenbrand. 2009. “Adding Value to Ocean- and Fisheries-Related Research through Integrating the Knowledge and Expertise of the West Coast Fishing Community: The Final Evaluation of the Port Liaison Project.” Report to the National Marine Fisheries Service, NW Region.

Collaborators from the Past 48 Months

  • Madeleine Hall-Arber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Caroline Pomeory, University of California
  • Thomas Murray, University of Virginia
  • Dawn Wright, Janet Webster, Michael Harte, Christopher Goldfinger, Meleah Ashford, all with Oregon State University

Graduate Students in the Past Five Years

  • Current: Cameron Carter, Jenny Thompson, Daniel Asson, Arwen Bird, Caleb Price, Ruby Moon, Tyler Thompson, Jessica Ramsey, Colleen Sullivan, Dan Calvert, and Keri Hevner
  • Recent Past: Miriam Collett, Melissa Murphy, Jeremy Childress, Chris Eardley, Rhett Register, Hunter Berns, Daniel Hunter, John Stevenson, Yao Yin, Darci Conner, Samuel (Monty) Johnson, Christina Package, Jed Moore, and Nell Orscheln

Synergistic Activities and Related Project Experience

Flaxen Conway has been conducting social science research and community education and engagement since 1989. Her areas of interest and expertise include coping with changes in natural resource policy and management; cooperative research; cooperative learning; and cooperative problem solving. She has designed and/or conducted hundreds of community-based meetings, workshops, conferences, and research projects.

Flaxen Conway has designed and implemented several projects relevant to this effort. Two recent examples include the Outer Continental Shelf Space Use Conflicts and Analysis of Potential Mitigation Measures research project funded by BOEMRE, and Human Dimensions of Wave Energy research program; consisting of seven separate but interrelated social science research projects (internships, ethnography, surveys) all dealing with space-use issues. Other examples include: (1) the Fishing Community Long Profiling Project - ethnography and stakeholder engagement using community of interest researchers; (2) the Groundfish Disaster Outreach Program - an outreach and engagement program in Oregon, and an evaluation of the entire West Coast effort; (3) the Cross-Community Communication Research Project – research and engagement of the fishing, science, and fisheries management communities to identify communication barriers, strategies, and tools; and (4) the Port Liaison Project – research which linked ocean and fisheries scientists with Local Ecological Knowledge to add value to research.

Grants and Contract Support in the last five years

  • Flaxen Conway. December 2011. ($20K). Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife. Rapid Evaluation of the 2010 Marine Reserve Community Team Process / Human Dimension Consulting; funds 1 graduate student.
  • Flaxen Conway, Dawn Wright, and Michael Harte. September 2009. ($242K) Minerals Management Service (now BOEMRE). Submitted and awarded; funds 3 graduate students; re: conflict avoidance/mitigation on the OCS regarding marine renewable energy.
  • Flaxen Conway. (October 2008). National Sea Grant Law Center ($10K). Submitted and awarded; funds used to conduct a series of coast-wide, organized-fishing-group summits to discuss marine renewable energy and marine spatial planning.
  • Flaxen Conway, Brent Steel, Michael Harte, and Brian Tilt. (July 2008) Oregon Wave Energy Trust ($100K). Submitted and awarded; funds supported the “Human Dimension of Wave Energy” multidisciplinary research program. Obtained and addition support from Oregon Sea Grant – Program Development Funds ($10K).

Service to the University, Profession, and Public (in the last two years)

  • * NOAA Fisheries re: assessing impact of trawl catch share program
  • * Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council Science and Technical Advisory Committee marine reserve siting review panel

* Program Planning Committee and Socioeconomics track session organizer (4 hour session) of the Renewable Ocean Energy & the Marine Environment conference, November 3-5, 2010, Florida Atlantic University; view presentations presented at the conference at http://www.ces.fau.edu/coet/agenda.php. Fall 2010