Including Sociology as a Minor in Another Graduate Program (either disciplinary MA/MS, Ph.D., or Ed.D.)

Students should follow the guidelines within their major academic program in declaring a minor. Minimum number of credits for Sociology is 15 or higher if required by major. All students interested in declaring sociology as a graduate minor must contact the Graduate Advisor in the Program prior to doing so.

When students apply for a minor in Sociology, they must specify the area(s) of concentration. Sociology offers four fields of concentration:

  • Environmental and Natural Resources
  • International Sociology
  • Social Policy
  1. Ph.D. students pursuing a minor in sociology must take BOTH a "theory-based" AND a "methods-based" course (see selection below).
  2. MA/MS students pursuing a minor in sociology take EITHER a "theory-based" OR a "methods-based" course.

Courses can be selected from the following:

  • Theory-based courses:
    • SOC 513, Sociological Theory
    • SOC 521, Social Change
    • SOC 524, Social Psychology
    • SOC 526, Social Inequality
    • SOC 599, Bureaucracies (to become a permanent course number in the near future.
  • Methods-based courses:
    • SOC 515, Understanding Social Research
    • SOC 516, Conducting Social Research (must take as part of a sequence following SOC 515)
    • SOC 518, Qualitative Sociology
    • SOC 519, Applied Research Methods

Note: Students must meet all prerequisites for these courses.