General Information

The OSU Sociology Internship Program is designed to provide students with an applied social science opportunity that combines practical work experience with academic knowledge. Credit is granted when the student successfully completes both SOC 410 and SOC 406. 

Students enroll in SOC 410 (Internship) to receive credit for their internship work.  Credit for SOC 410 is variable.  Students can earn one credit for each 30 hours of internship work they complete (3 hours per week over a ten week term), up to a total of 12 credits.  Six credits of SOC 410 may be applied to the SOC major, two credits may be applied to the SOC minor. Grades for SOC 410 are P/N only. A Pass grade will be determined by the following:

  • Submission of all required paperwork
  • Submission of a Reflection Journal
  • Submission of Evaluations

In addition to SOC 410, all internship students are required to register for two credits of SOC 406 (Projects) for which they will be doing additional reading and writing a paper related to their internship.   Grades for SOC 406 are A-F and are based on the quality of the paper submitted. The Internship Director will provide the guidelines for the paper assignment.

You must meet with the Internship Director prior to beginning an internship.  

Please see the attached documents, on the right navigation bar, for more information.

The Internship Director is Kathleen Stanley.  Her office is in 310A Gilkey and she can be contacted at or 541-737-5368.


Internship Documents

Recent Internships by Sociology Students

  • Corvallis Public Schools Foundation
  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
  • Energize Corvallis
  • Corvallis Farmers’ Markets
  • Mari’s Place
  • Community Outreach
  • Benton County Parole and Probation
  • Sponsor’s Inc. (Re-entry Resource Center)
  • Benton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Eugene Police Department
  • Corvallis Police Department
  • Jones and Meyer Attorneys
  • Milestone’s Family Recovery
  • Trillium Family Services
  • Trail Blazer Foundation (Cambodia – through IE3)
  • Benton County Juvenile Department