About URAP

Involving undergraduates in our research can be a valuable way to encourage scholarship and leadership among our students.  The Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) is designed to encourage students to participate in research, increase their capacity for both class and individual work, and make them more competitive hires after graduation.  The process for applying for URAP support is described below.


There are two avenues for recruiting students for the URAP program:

  1. Opportunities to participate in specific research projects will be posted on an SPP website (with links on every program page).  Faculty members interested in working with an undergraduate student will post a short position description including the work to be done, skills required, hourly wage, anticipated time, etc.  Interested students would contact the faculty member(s) directly to apply for the position.  The faculty member(s) choose the most appropriate applicant.
  2. A faculty member may know of or already work with an undergraduate student they would like to involve in the project.

In either instance, the second step is to prepare a proposal for review by the URAP committee.


The proposal consists of three sections:

1. A short mini-proposal from the faculty member(s) (no more than 2 pages):

  • Detail of work to be completed
  • How the work supports the faculty member’s research
  • How the work would benefit the student (experience, mentoring, skills, etc.)
  • Expected products (e.g., data set, manuscript, presentation, etc.)

2. A short mini-proposal from the student (no more than 2 pages)

  • Background training, skills, classes, experience that helped prepare the student for this apprenticeship
  • Description of how the opportunity affects future goals (e.g., grad school, jobs, etc.)
  • Commitment to presenting results from research and/or commenting on their URAP experience

3. Budget

  • Description of hourly rate, number of hours per week, and length of time of project
  • Other expenses as appropriate (e.g., student support for conference presentation)
  • Description of any sources of funding that are being leveraged by or are supplementing the URAP award (e.g., NSF grant for the faculty member, Honors College, etc.).

The proposal can be presented to the URAP committee at any time for review (i.e., there are no set deadlines).  The committee reserves the right to ask for revisions to any proposal or to refuse funding for any proposal depending on the availability of funds and quality of proposals.

The URAP committee will consist of equal representation from each of the three programs (Economics, Political Science, and Sociology) and, in addition to reviewing proposals, will be responsible for updating the URAP website (i.e., providing information about opportunities, projects that students have completed, etc.). 


Each student will be expected to make a presentation about the project they were involved in; this could be results from the study, comments on their experience as a URAP awardee, and/or next steps for them or the project.  The presentation can be made at any public meeting, including the SPP brownbag seminar, an undergraduate research symposium, or professional conference.  The completion of the capstone effort qualifies the student to be identified as an OSU Research Scholar on their transcript. 

Available Funds

We expect to fund proposals in the range of $500-1500. 

Committee Members