This residency is offered to an Oregon State University graduate student who is engaged in a place-based writing and/or research project, such as a thesis or dissertation project, independent study, or internship in the humanities or environmental sciences. The residency can also be offered to two graduate students who are working on a collaborative project or two graduate students who each have individual projects and who anticipate a synergistic benefit from each other's presence.

Shoutpouch Cabin provides a profound experience of concentrated solitude and simple living in close proximity to nature, highly conducive to sustained writing and/or research projects. The residency confers exclusive use of the cabin for one week during Oregon State University's winter, spring, or summer breaks, plus a stipend of $250 per student. 

Apply for Graduate Student Residency

Oregon State University faculty members are invited to nominate graduate students in the humanities or environmental sciences for a writing and research residency at Shotpouch Cabin.

We will not be hosting Winter Break 2019 Graduate Student Residencies. We will resume Graduate Student Residencies in Spring 2020 and will post a link here when the next application window opens.


To submit an application, please prepare the following:

  • From the faculty nominator: a short letter testifying to the student’s responsibility and ability to live respectfully in a nature reserve.
  • From the student: a one-page narrative that describes the proposed project and outlines how that work relates to the mission of the Spring Creek Project. 

Previous Graduate Student Research and Writing Residents

Summer 2018

  • Amanda Keener, graduate student in Environmental Arts and Humanities
  • Erich Brumback, graduate student in Creative Writing

Spring 2018

  • Natalie Villacorta and Ben Sandman, graduate students in Creative Writing

Winter 2017

  • Randy Magnuson and Andrew Zingg, graduate students in Creative Writing
  • Shane Scaggs, graduate student in Anthropology, and Lucia Hadella, graduate student in Environmental Arts and Humanities
  • Zoë Ruiz, graduate student in Creative Writing
  • Sarah Kelly and Jill Sisson, graduate students in Environmental Arts and Humanities

Spring 2016

  • Verity Sayles and Erica Trabold, graduate students in Create Writing
  • Dahlia Seroussi and Dennis Sweeney, graduate students in Creative Writing

Winter 2015

  • Wesley Snyder, graduate student in Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture
  • Thomas Hallberg, graduate student in the Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing, OSU-Cascades
  • Dan Piquette, graduate student in Applied Ethics

Spring 2014

  • Meagan Louise Nuss, graduate student in Forest Ecosystems and Society
  • Andréa Kuchy, graduate student in Forest Ecosystems and Society