Faculty & Staff Mind-Body Practice Group

Gently guided weekly gathering & practice sessions


The faculty-staff mind-body group is on hiatus fall term 2022. We're working to bring some big visions to life with the intention to offer more to the campus and Corvallis communities. We hope to bring this offering back soon! 


OSU employees are invited to join the Faculty & Staff Mind-Body Practice Group. Meets weekly for short, simple, gently guided practices intended to offer grounding, relaxation, ease, relief, and clarity amidst a busy day. Practices are drawn from the specific disciplines and training of the instructor, but conferred in an open, accessible way. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and more inspire the sessions, which are suitable for bodies and physical abilities of every kind. Embodiment practices are gentle and adaptable. Come as you are, do what feels right for you, and care for yourself as you need. Read each session description below to learn more! Chairs, meditation cushions, and yoga mats are available on site, be welcome to bring your own supplies as desired. Email ContemplativeStudies@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-4785 for accommodation requests or for general inquiries about the series. This term, please simply sign up once, and you'll receive weekly reminders about sessions, along with a zoom link to join virtually, if you choose.