two-weekend, retreat-style workshop with Jacob Lindsley and Lani Potts
August 9-11 & August 16-18, 2024 | Fridays: 6-8pm, Saturdays: 11am-5pm, Sundays: 9am-1pm

@ Marigold: The OSU Center for Contemplative Practice

$400 Community | $350 Educators | $300 Students*

648 SW 2nd Street Corvallis, OR 97333 | Please use our shared entrance with Wild Yeast on SW B Ave.

*We have up to 3 50% scholarships for OSU undergraduate students, and 3 50% scholarships for graduate students (apply here)!


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Using insights and methods drawn from both Western psychology and Buddhist contemplative practices, we investigate our inner life in order to improve our outer life. Designed using evidence-based, practical, and secular strategies to benefit people from all walks of life, this course helps us explicitly seek to bring about wise aspirations and values, learn how to develop our attention skills, and then begin to cultivate emotional balance. This emotional intelligence leads to genuine happiness and a fulfilling life.

This workshop and curriculum is inspired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman, Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Alan Wallace, and emotion researcher Dr. Eve Ekman. 

CEB supports our emotional development in 2 distinct ways: 
  1. Intensive focus on understanding and applying specific antidotes to individual emotions.
  2. Integrative contemplative science approach using cutting edge and rigorous scientific research alongside a developmental secular approach to meditation.


You will cultivate emotional balance through developing...  
  • A deeper experiential and scientific understanding of your own emotional life and an exploration into your overarching goals for living meaningfully.
  • Attentional techniques and skills which cultivate a discerning mindfulness when we need it most.
  • An ability to lovingly chart the territory of specific episodes of emotions such as anger, sadness, and joy.
  • Awareness and knowledge of destructive and constructive emotional styles as well as their consequences.

For questions about registration or ability-related accommodations, please contact or leave a voice mail at 541-737-4785 with a text/call-back number. This program is not refundable.


Lani Potts 

Coach, meditation teacher, and CEB Program Director

As a Dharma practitioner and certified Cultivating Emotional Balance teacher, Lani also brings to CEB her training and experience as a yoga and meditation teacher along with a long-established Buddhist meditation practice. Lani is a retired educator with over 38 years of experience as an elementary teacher, principal, teacher and administrator coach, and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. In her “retirement,” Lani actively teaches CEB, is part of the teaching team for CEB Teacher Training, coaches CEB teachers and students, and serves as the Cultivating Emotional Balance Program Director. Among other places, Lani has taught at the UCSF Osher Center as part of a study of mindfulness and CEB with cancer patients. She lives in San Jose, California.





Jacob Lindsley 

CEB teacher and OSU doctoral student

Jacob is an educator, scientist, and certified CEB teacher. He has spent the last 20 years exploring the world of meditation from traditional and contemporary perspectives. After many years studying Tibetan Buddhism in forest retreat centers in California, he earned a B.A. in psychology and contemplative studies from the Chan Buddhist University of the West and an M.A. in Buddhist Studies from the Tibetan Buddhist Maitripa College. He is currently a psychology doctoral student at Oregon State, studying the psychological dynamics of compassion in secular meditation practices.