Lucid Dreaming: An 8 Week Series

Taught by Kate Gallagher

This program has reached capacity. Please email to add your name to the waitlist. 

Tuesdays APR 9 - MAY 28 6:30-7:45pm

@ the Marigold Center: 648 SW 2nd Street Corvallis, OR 97333 | Please use our shared entrance with Wild Yeast on SW B Ave.

Students: $150 | Educators $175 | Community $200

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon in which the dreamer knows they are dreaming as they dream. While it doesn't have much mainstream popularity, this "alternate reality" is something truly incredible and a space to vividly create, vision, problem solve, uncover the depths of the human subconscious, experience a world unconstrained by physical laws, and even explore the nature of consciousness and the nature of reality. This 8-week course hopes to offer somewhat of an amazing interior adventure into the nighttime world of sleep and dreams, as well as an outer adventure of learning and community. The relationship between contemplative practices (embodiment, yoga, meditation, wisdom) and lucid dreaming will be the central focus. 

  • Week One: Lucid Dream Overview, Sleep Hygiene, + Relaxation
  • Week Two: Relaxation, Dreaming, and Dream Recall 
  • Week Three: Meditation, Lifestyle, and Vividness
  • Week Four: Lucid Dream Induction Techniques 
  • Week Five: Lucid Dream Stabilization Techniques 
  • Week Six: Lucid Dreaming + Contemplative Wisdom
  • Week Seven: Lucid Dreamless Sleep + A Model of Mind
  • Week Eight: Introduction to Dream Yoga 

This program is best suited to novice and intermediate lucid dreamers, although some more advanced topics of dream yoga will be covered in the latter classes which may be of interest to proficient (regular) lucid dreamers. If you regularly struggle to fall or stay asleep, aren't able to regularly prioritize a good night's sleep, experience symptoms of psychosis or dissociation, please discuss with your health professional before registering, as the practices and topics covered in this program, while generally safe, may worsen these conditions. 

For questions about registration or ability-related accommodations, please contact or leave a voice mail at 541-737-4785 with a text/call-back number.



Participants are encouraged to purchase the book Dream Yoga by Andrew Holocek. Reading assignments and home practices will be given.

Access through the OSU Valley + Corvallis Libraries (Requested)

Listen to the Audiobook: Audible | Sounds True

Buy the Book: GrassRoots Bookstore | Book Bin  | Amazon


About Kate Gallagher

Kate met contemplative practices through postural yoga as a sophomore in college. It took a few years to develop an interest in the quieter, more still practices of meditation -- and the importance and value of embodiment work remains a vital piece of her practice and teaching. Kate's pursuit of yoga teacher trainings across the U.S. in 2009 unexpectedly landed her in the good care of teachers in the Geluk and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. It is in these styles of study and practice, and in the rich lineage of Indian yoga, that she has since found a personal, contemplative home - although, she maintains a great love for contemplative and mystical perspectives from many traditions.

Kate earned a Master's degree at OSU in Applied Religious Ethics, completed and taught several advanced yoga teacher programs, trained in the secular, research-based curriculum of mindful self-compassion (MSC) and in 2018, had the immense privilege to spend a year in a solitary, largely silent meditation retreat centered on shamatha (calm abiding) and vipassana (inquiry/insight). Kate works as OSU's Contemplative Studies Initiative coordinator, teaches courses in REL and PSY, and oversees the Marigold Center. Kate's approach to postural yoga, embodiment, and relaxation is dynamic, intuitive, and biomechanically mindful; her approach to meditation is systematic and relatively traditional, yet welcoming. Lucid dreaming is one of a small handful of her favorite topics.