Yoga Nidra

Fundraising Events with Tiffany Bailey

Sunday, November 12  6-7:30pm | Save Your Spot

Sunday, December 3, 6-7:30pm | Save Your Spot

Marigold Studio: 648 SW 2nd Street in Corvallis

Offered by donation to our BEAVS Give Campaign; Make a Donation Here!

Drawn upon Vedic and Tantric practices, yoga nidra “Yogic Sleep” is a guided meditation experienced in a comfortable position such as lying down or seated in a chair. The practice helps to deeply relax the body while staying alert, present and listening within. Yoga Nidra includes the opportunity to set a powerful intention to guide you to what you really want in life. This practice can help you find deep rest when your mind has other plans. 

During yoga nidra many students experience a deep sense of peace, calm and connection to something greater than themselves.  People express finding a deep stillness inside them, an equanimity. And yes, sometimes students may even fall asleep which is perfectly okay. Other experiences are "revelations or epiphanies"; you may find the answer to a problem, or a tough decision or action you need to make is revealed to you clearly in the practice.  A common experience is a deep sense of release and letting go.  All of these experiences are part of the profound healing power of yoga nidra. 

This event is offered by donation - please support our BEAVS GIVE Fundraising campaign and the launch of the studio by making a donation! 

We kindly ask, if you won't be able to attend, that you cancel your reservation with 24 hours notice so that we can invite folks from the wait list to join us.