with Kate Gallagher, MA, 500 e-RYT

Lucid /ˈlo͞osəd/ means bright, or luminous, indicates clear expression or perception, and refers to periods of clear thinking amidst confusion. In the domain of dreams, to lucid dream is to know one's self as a dreamer, and the dream as merely a dream -- which opens up the dreamer to a great many possibilities to use the sleep state for recreation, meditation, and insight. This course will utilize the book Dreaming Yourself Awake by B. Alan Wallace and will emphasize attentional training and simple tricks and tools as a path to lucid dreaming. We'll contemplate waking up in dreams as an analogy for waking up in our lives. eBooks available via the Corvallis Public Library, print books available via Grass Roots Bookstore.

Wednesdays June 3 - June 24 6-7:30pm via Zoom.

June 3: Cultivating Rest: Remembering Dreams

June 10: Cultivating Stability: Waking Up in Dreams

June 17: Cultivating Vividness: Flying in Dreamland

June 24: Cultivating Insight: In-Sleep Meditation

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Kate Gallagher earned her M.A. from OSU in Applied Religious Ethics. She has been teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy for 12 years. In 2018, Kate had the privilege to spend a year in solitary retreat during which her primary practices were śamatha-vipaśyanā and Dream Yoga. She studies privately with her Buddhist teachers; without them, she would have little to offer.