Our friend Audrey has said that a retreat begins the moment you decide to do it. Making thoughtful retreat preparations can deepen the experience, make it more meaningful, and inspire/motivate lifestyle changes and habits supportive of well-being.

In the weeks prior to the retreat, consider:

  • Establishing or continuing a daily yoga and/or meditation practice, if even 10 minutes per day. 
  • Please help yourself to these free guided meditation recordings. 
  • Blocking off the entire retreat weekend on your calendar; dedicate yourself to the gift of time and space.  
  • Your current contemplative/life inquiries. Notice what's alive for you, what you're curious about, in need of. 
  • What activities/habits (or lackthereof) will be supportive of your intentions and questions while you're at home during the retreat weekend.  
  • apologies, amends, or forgiveness you could sincerely make or offer in your more complicated relationships. 

In the days prior to the retreat, consider:

  • Continuing or increasing your daily practice time, perhaps adding in a second practice each day - even if brief. 
  • Reducing your activities and general sensory stimulation. Get more sleep and put a pause on your social media accounts. 
  • Drinking lots of water and eating healthy, light meals.  
  • Gathering the items you'll want to bring to the retreat site. 
  • Cleaning and making your home space feel simple and special. 
  • Communicating your retreat plans with your loved ones, especially anyone who relies on you. 
  • Grocery shopping for weekend snacks and dinners.

On the first day of the retreat, consider:

  • Doing a morning practice
  • Taking a rapid Covid test
  • Tying up your "loose ends" for the weekend - send any last emails/texts, get gas for your car, etc.
  • Putting up an "away message" on your email accounts or texting app. 
  • Arriving between 4 and 5:30pm to check in, eat a meal, and connect with the group.

During the retreat weekend, consider:

  • Doing a morning practice
  • Eating a light breakfast
  • Spending time in quiet places in the afternoons and evenings walking, meditating, journaling
  • Keeping silence if you're able and/or refraining from usual communications and technology use. 
  • Doing an evening practice
  • Going to bed early