In Spring 2020, the School of Psychological Sciences offered a remote course: PSY 499 - Punch Through Pandemics with Psychological Science. A feature of the course was the implementation of contemplative practices for well-being.  It was taught by Dr. Regan Gurung, Dr. Kathryn Becker-Blease and CSI Coordinator, Kate Gallagher along with several top experts in the field of Psychology. The lectures and insights from these experts gave the students and community much to reflect on and apply directly in their lives in the midst of many weeks of Oregon's statewide Stay-At-Home order. Interested in checking out the materials? They are freely available. Visit PunchCovid19 website*.

*Note that as time passes, some of the information published related specifically to the Covid-19 pandemic naturally has become outdated. Please follow local state and county websites for the latest guidance on protocols and statistics.