How do you express yourself?

Your hair color, your laugh, your style, your sense of humor…

It’s important to express your true self to others, and there are so many unique ways to do that beyond just your facial expressions.

Individuals with Moebius Syndrome, a rare condition characterized by facial paralysis and impaired eye movement, find ways beyond the face to express themselves.

Having facial paralysis can make social interaction difficult because people are accustomed to receiving feedback from a person’s facial expressions. This can lead others to inaccurately view people with Moebius as less happy or friendly, when truly they are just expressing themselves in a different way.

Research in the Disability and Social Interaction Lab shows that education about Moebius syndrome and other types of facial paralysis creates more positive impressions. Based on these findings, our lab runs an outreach campaign for Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, January 24.


How to help raise awareness:

1. Take a photo of yourself with a sign answering the question, "how do you express yourself?" Use our template, or write your own. Post on social medial with the hashtag #moebiusawareness, on the Moebius Syndrome Foundation Facebook album, or email them to to be posted. Challenge a friend to do the same by tagging them. 

2. Wear purple, the color of Moebius Syndrome Awareness, on January 24!

3. Raise awareness at your school or office! Everyone is welcome to use the materials that we have created to run their own awareness campaign. You may share Dr. Bogart's Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day article for Psychology Today or download our logo, sign template, and info card