Lab Director


Kathleen Bogart, PhD

Speaking at Corvallis Science Pub

Dr. Bogart is Director of the Disability and Social Interaction Lab and Associate Professor of Psychology at Oregon State University. She is a social/health psychologist specializing in ableism and rare disorders such as facial paralysis. She has received grants from the National Institutes of Health, Good Samaritan Hospital (Erkkila Endowment), and the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. In 2016, Dr. Bogart was named "Professor of the Term" by the Panhellenic Executive Council of OSU. An advocate for people with rare disorders and disabilities, she has served on several boards, including the American Psychological Association Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology, the Rehabilitation Psychology editorial board, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation Scientific Advisory Board, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation Board of Directors, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Birth Defects Monitoring and Research Program Advisory Board.

Dr. Bogart presents internationally to academic, general, and stakeholder audiences about disability awareness, disability as diversity, and facial paralysis. She is available for speaking, consulting, and expert testimony opportunities and has served as an expert legal consultant regarding the social ramifications of facial paralysis. 

She is accepting Psychology PhD students and undergraduate research assistants.

View her publications here.