Share Your Rare!

One in ten Americans has a rare disease More Americans live with a rare disease than all who have HIV, heart disease or stroke. Only 5% of rare diseases have treatments Many rare diseases result in premature death of infants and young children, or are fatal in early adulthood. 80% of rare diseases are genetically based


The Disability and Social Interaction Lab is researching ways to support to people with rare disorders to reduce the stigma of feeling alone. Based on our work, the lab runs an outreach campaign on Rare Disease Day (the last day in February).

How to help raise awareness:

Take a selfie with a sign saying "I'm rare because..." and share on social media #ShareYourRare #RareDiseaseDay. Use our template, or write your own. Challenge a friend to do the same by tagging them. Share Dr. Bogart's Rare Disease Day article for Psychology Today.