02/07/24 Oregon State University's online bachelor's degree in psychology has been ranked No. 2 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report
12/11/23 Associate Professor of Psychology Kathleen Bogart wrote in Psychology Today about how a popular meme can teach two ways of thinking.
12/04/23 A study by Professor of psychology Mei-Ching Lien and others provides evidence that multitasking does not make people more vulnerable to visual distractors,
10/04/23 Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Kathleen Bogart is co-directing the conference "Abnormal No More: A DARN Conference on Incorporating Disability into the Teaching of Psychology."
10/04/23 In Psychology Today, Professor Jason McCarley co-authored an article about how organizations can save money by reducing workplace distractions.
09/25/23 Learning to study like a champion
09/20/23 GTA Joseph Slade wins the the 2023 APAGS/Psi Chi Junior Scientist Fellowship
09/11/23 Changing Outdated Stereotypes About Disabilities Like Ataxia
09/02/23 Psychological Science Assistant Professor Dr. Jessee Dietch co-authors publication
08/08/23 Cannabis legalization leads to higher use among non-college young adults, says OSU study
07/25/23 2023 Psychology Graduation Celebration
05/15/23 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ivan Carbajal, has been accepted into the competitive Microsabbatical at Princeton Psychology
04/14/23 John Richmond Sy to Receive Thurgood Marshall Award
01/10/23 A new podcast produced by the Spring Creek Project and Contemplative Studies Initiative launches Wednesday, Jan. 11.
01/09/23 SPS Assistant Professors Bradford & Carbajal and Post-bacc Lab Manager Angelica DeFalco published an article in Clinical Psychological Science
10/10/22 SPS doctoral students Emily Burgess and Christopher Hauck, and SPS undergraduate student, Emile De Pooter recently published a research paper with Mei-Ching Lien, professor of Psychology, at the journal of Attention, Perception, and & Psychophysics
10/04/22 Emily Burgess selected as the recipient of the 2022 WAGS/ProQuest Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award in humanities, social sciences, education, and business disciplines
08/29/22 Daniel Bradford, Ph.D. - Alcohol dampens reactivity to psychological stress, especially for uncertain stressors
08/22/22 SPS Graduate Assistant, Arianna Stone, Article -- No time to “waist:” low waist-to-hip ratios pop out in visual search, published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences
08/16/22 OSU Psi Chi chapter has been designated as a 2021-22 Psi Chi Model Chapter!
06/27/22 Dr. Regan Gurung - Why students hate group projects (and how to change that)
06/14/22 Angelina Conrow chosen for Best Honors Thesis Award
06/13/22 SPS Assistant Professor Daniel Bradford was quoted in the American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology in an article titled "With traffic deaths on the rise, psychologists are being called on to make driving safer."
06/13/22 To Your Health: People with rare diseases have poor health-related quality of life, SPS Associate Professor Kathleen Bogart finds
06/08/22 SPS Associate Professor of Psychology Kathleen Bogart was named the 2022 Margaret and Thomas Meehan Honors College Eminent Mentor