Our website is currently under construction and may not reflect the most current information until early fall. If you have questions contact Tiffany Andrews, the SPS Program Coordinator, at tiffany.andrews@oregonstate.edu, or Dr. Bridget Klest at Bridget.Klest@oregonstate.edu, Director of Clinical Training.

Below are resources for current graduate students in the Psychology PhD Program.  If you have questions, contact Tiffany Andrews, the SPS Program Coordinator, at tiffany.andrews@oregonstate.edu.

Handbooks Petitions and POS Forms

2022-2023 Graduate Student Handbook

2021-2022 Graduate Student Handbook

2020-2021 Graduate Student Handbook

2019-2020 Graduate Student Handbook

Policy on Waiving or Modifying Program Requirements (requires ONID login)

Petition Form (requires ONID login)

Sample POS forms for Psychology (requires ONID login)

Milestone Guidance Other Forms

First Year Project guidance (requires ONID login)

Preliminary Exam guidance (requires ONID login)

Dissertation Proposal guidance (requires ONID login)

CONCUR - Travel and Expenses

Graduate students can access their individual academic records via Box, which requires ONID login.  Academic records in Box have limited permissions and students can only see their individual records; links to individual records can be found in Box (requires ONID login).