Today, at the beginning of April in Oregon, USA, we are bracing for a surge of COVID19 cases that is already devastating New York, under a stay home order from the governor. We know that the situation is different in other parts of the world, and will be different here by the end of the class. We’re also learning more about the virus and illness every day, and that new information may make some of what you find in the course out of date.

We’ll do our best to keep up-to-date and acknowledge the changing landscapes in which we’re all living. However, it’s inevitable that some information will become out of date or not be applicable in your part of the world, so please do follow the most recent information in your area.

If you discover errors or misinformation within this course, please contact us ASAP: We're  a community adapting as we go; we're grateful to be learning together, and sharing the best of what we know, when we know it, to punch through this pandemic.